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Phrase about 'guest'
常用短语用作名词 (n.)
be my guest
  1. 〈非正〉请(自)便 please do
Collocations用作名词 (n.)动词+
Example for 'guest'
Example sentence
  1. they are coming to the party as my guests.
  2. these indian guest are familiar with this book.
  3. she deleted our names from the guest list.
  4. she made a guest appearance on his tv show.
  1. she guested on several chat shows while visiting britain.
  2. he guested on a television series.
Common sentence
  1. he looked after his guest very well.
  2. he is an unexpected guest to her.
  3. she welcomed her guests in a gracious manner.
  4. he always sets a generous table for guests.
  5. a good host is considerate to the need of his guests.
  6. go and make yourself amiable to the guests.
  7. they are coming to the concert as my guests.
  8. dinner was through by the time the guests arrived.
  9. the sudden arrival of guests forced her to change her plans.
  10. only a few select guests were invited to the party.
  11. many guests were invited to the opening ceremony.
  12. the hotel will be open for guests next january.
  13. she is a transient guest at the hotel.
  14. she takes in paying guests during the summer.
  15. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome tonight's special guest.
  16. she made a guest appearance on mike's tv show.
  • father aelred watkin came to stay. a very agreeable guest.

    出自:e. waugh

  • she took out her purse to pay the bill, forgetting she was my guest.

    出自:p. h. johnson

  • ian carr guested with the roy budd trio..on saturday.

    出自:melody maker