expanded scale

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  1. forward goal: promotion quality, expanded scale, complete the region with 3-4 year to be in the lead, benefit good carbon product base.
  2. september this year, accompanied by north sanlitun area rebuild project started, this additional broadcast overseas bars street will be expanded scale, grades will be upgraded.
  3. the design and construction of urban administrative center is a hot issue nowadays,existing the deficiency such as the expanded scale,unvaried image and isolation from citizens.
  4. the pollution of domestic animal excrement on enviroment was more regarded with expand scale of animal production and increase of intensive.
  5. abstract: the demand of science and technology has the features of potentiality, incorporeality, and the uncertainty of expanding scale.
  6. therefore, how to form the demand effect by expanding scale of markets is the road of linxia achieving industrialization.
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