Phrase about 'gap'
常用短语用作名词 (n.)
the generation gap
  1. 代沟difference in attitude, or lack of understanding, between young people and older people

    do you want to bridge the generation gap?

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Example for 'gap'
Example sentence
  1. he has a gap between his two front teeth.
  2. a big gap yawned between the rocks.
  3. they planed to narrow the gap between imports and exports.
  4. reducing the gap between rich and poor is one of the main challenges facing the government.
  5. we are determined to bring credit to our country by filling this gap in our industry.
Common sentence
  1. the gate was locked but we went through a gap in the fence.
  2. there is a gap of five miles between towns.
  3. the record is not complete; there are several gaps in it.
  4. there is a wide gap between the views of the two statesmen.
  5. we must see that there is no gap in our defense.
  • there were wide gaps between the buildings..where dwellings had been shelled or burned.

    出自:m. mitchell

  • the path led me..through a gap in a high elder hedge.

    出自:j. t. story

  • eager hands tore down the sandbags to gap a passage for them.

    出自:b. cable

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Thesaurus/Antonym【Thesaurus】缩略词gap 的相关缩略词,共有156
  • gap:gap analysis program 差距分析程序
  • gap:general assembly program 通用汇编程序
  • gap:generalized availability program (satellite communications availability calculation tool) 广义的可用性计算程序(卫星通讯工具)