Example for 'pin'
Example sentence
  1. i bought a tie pin for my husband yesterday.
  1. he pinned the notice to the board.
  2. pin the bills together so you don't lose them.
  3. the general pinned the medal on the soldier's chest.
Common sentence
  1. the dressmaker used a pin to fasten the pattern to the cloth.
  2. she fastened her coat with a pin.
  3. he's quick on his pins.
More about 'pin'
Thesaurus/Antonym【Thesaurus】【Antonym】缩略词pin 的相关缩略词,共有78
  • pin:personal identification number 个人识别码
  • pin:pesticide information network 农药信息网络
  • pin:product identification number 产品识别码

Phrase about 'pin'
常用短语用作名词 (n.)
as clean〔neat〕 as a new pin
  1. 非常清洁,整齐 very clean; neat

    she kept her house as clean as a new pin.

    their house is as neat as a new pin.

for two pins
  1. 〈口〉理由很简单 for the slightest reason

    if he says something like that to me again, for two pins i'll hit him!

    he laughed at me.for two pins i could have hit him in the face.

not care〔give〕 a pin〔two pins〕
  1. 毫不介意 not care at all

    he doesn't care a pin for her.

    i don't care two pins whether she comes or not.

on pins and needles
  1. 坐立不安,如坐针毡 anxious; nervous

    many famous actors are on pins and needles before the curtain opens for a play.

    he was on pins and needles while he was answering questions—he was clearly worried that i would find out something that he didn't want me to know.

pins and needles
  1. 刺痛,发麻 tingling in one's extremities

    terror made him catch his breath; pins and needles surged in his fingers.

you can hear a pin drop
  1. 非常安静 it is very quiet

    it was so still you could have heard a pin drop.

    like all the children mine can be very noisy but you can hear a pin drop when i ask if anybody wants to go to bed.

用作动词 (v.)
pin against (v.+prep.)
  1. 把…按〔钉〕在…上 trap; hold (sth/sb) by force next to (sth)pin sb/sth against sth

    pinning his arms against his sides, the thieves searched his pockets.

    they pinned him against the wall.

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