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常用短语用作动词 (v.)
pull about (v.+adv.)
  1. 把…拖来拖去; 粗暴〔笨拙〕地对待(某人或某物) take hold of (sb/sth); handle sb/sth roughly or clumsilypull sb/sth about

    their new puppy has been pulling the toy about.

    the baby doesn't like it when people start pulling him about.

pull apart (v.+adv.)
  1. 拆开,拉开 separate into pieces by pullingpull apart

    this toy is made to pull apart.

    these pieces of ice don't pull apart easily.

    pull sb/sth apart

    i helped her pull the two fighting boys apart .

    the table is so made that you can easily pull it apart.

    we pulled the wrapping paper apart to see what was in the parcel.

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Example for 'pull'
Example sentence
  1. the tractor pulls well.
  2. don't pull my hair!
  3. do not pull the chairs about, boys!
  4. frog may be called even louder than cattle, but they can not pull plows in the fields, it will not pull in the wineshop grinding, they are also unable to do anything leather shoes.
  5. he will give me a shot and pull out my tooth.
  6. the football match pulled in great crowds.
  1. a pull on the rope will make the bell ring.
  2. i felt a pull at my sleeve and turned round.
  3. the tides depend on the pull of the moon.
  4. some advertisements have no pull at all.
  5. let's have a pull after dinner.
  6. he has a lot of pull with the managing director.
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