Phrase about 'quiet'
常用短语用作形容词 (adj.)
as quiet as a mouse〔grave〕
  1. 非常宁静 very quiet

    tina is as quiet as a mouse—you hardly know she's there.

    there's usually something going on in town, although it's as quiet as the grave on a sunday evening.

用作动词 (v.)
quiet down (v.+adv.)
  1. (使)安静,(使)平静 (cause to) become calmer; stopquiet down

    the city quieted down after the disturbances.

    things quieted down and all around was still.

    the storm quieted down.

    the excitement is quieting down.

    quiet sb/oneself/sth ⇔ down

    you should quiet the children down.

    he quieted himself down.

    see if you can quiet the dog down, it's annoying the neighbours with its noise.

用作名词 (n.)
at quiet
  1. 安定地 stably; quietly

    after the war, the villagers lived at quiet for many years.

    he began to grow more at quiet with himself.

on the quiet
  1. 悄悄地,偷偷地,秘密地 secretly; unobtrusively

    they went and got married on the quiet.no one knew about it.

    we thought he was working in the other room, but he was just having a cigarette on the quiet.

    i don't mind telling you on the quiet that i have just been left five thousand pounds.

Collocations用作形容词 (adj.)副词+
Example for 'quiet'
Example sentence
  1. when you are in a library, you must be quiet.
  2. please keep quiet while others are studying.
  3. his health has turned all the better for him after a quiet holiday abroad.
  4. everything was quiet under the blinking stars.
  1. leave me alone. i just want some peace and quiet.
  2. there was such a world of hereditary quiet in her.
  3. he was the bard of the farmers and workers of new england and his quiet verse mirrored the staid new hampshire countryside.
  1. i am well aware that nothing else will quiet tom.
  2. the principal tried to quiet the students.
  1. when he quieted down, i began to tell him the truth.
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Thesaurus/Antonym【Thesaurus】【Antonym】缩略词quiet 的相关缩略词,共有4
  • quiet:quantum interference effect transistor 量子干涉效应晶体管
  • quiet:quality undercover intelligence espionage team 秘密情报间谍球队。质量
  • quiet:quick user interface extrapolation tool 快速的用户界面外的工具