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  • ABIAAnnual Bibliography of Indian Archaeology
  • ACVAApplications of Computer Vision in Archaeology
  • ADFArchaeology and Development Foundation
  • AEAEArchaeology Ethnology and Anthropology of Eurasia
  • AIMAAustralasian Institute for Maritime Archaeology
  • ARDPArchaeological Resource Development Project
  • ASAAAmerican Society for Amateur Archaeology
  • ASAPAAssociation for Southern African Professional Archaeologists
  • ASAPAAssociation of Southern African Professional Archaeologists
  • ASIArchaeological Survey of India
  • ASSCArchaeological Society of South Carolina
  • ASSFArchaeological Society of Southern Florida
  • AZPArchaeological Zoning Plan
  • BAACBritish Aviation Archaeological Council
  • BASBiblical Archaeology Society
  • BASEBible Archaeology Search Exploration
  • BCEBefore Coptic Egypt
  • BHAPBaikal Hokkaido Archeology Project
  • BUARBoard of Underwater Archaeological Resources
  • CAAACentre for Applied Archaeological Analyses