Recently Added Abbreviations

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Abbreviation Definition
EPCOTExperimental Prototype Community Of Twentieth
LBLoose Build
LFLoose Fish
LHWLoose Handwriting
YKWAYoung Kokborok Writers Association
YKWAYoung Kokborok Writers Association
YKWAYoung Kokborokwriters Association
HWSTHealth and Wellness Service Team
HWSTHot Water Supply Temperature
LMLoose Management
CLCut Loose
LTLoose Tooth
LALoose Argument
HDGDHeavy Duty Grain Drill
RRCVRenn und Rallye Club Vorarlberg
RRCVRhodesian Ridgeback Club of Victoria
RRCVRange Rover Club of Victoria
RRCVRenal Respiratory Cardiac and Vascular
RSMSResonance Series Medium Soft
RSMSRaytown South Middle School
RSMSRadiation Safety Management System
RSMSRoad Sign Management System
TFTETales From The Empire
TFTETransversal Flux Transformer Effect
ESHMEclectic School of Herbal Medicine
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