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File Extensions

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  • A.D. /B.C.Macintosh Assembly Source Code
  • A00Archive Section of a file distributed by archives
  • A01OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access SYSOP File
  • A01ARJ Multi-volume Compressed Archive
  • A10OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access SYSOP File
  • A11AIM Graphics file
  • A21Soundweb Firmware File
  • A2AIBM Voice Type Language Vocabels File
  • A2ASharp APL Workspace Export File
  • A2BA2B Player Playlist
  • A2MAudioToMidi Settings file
  • A3Unrelated Inventions Audiotools Show Log
  • A3DAmapi 3D Modeling File
  • A3KYamaha A3000 Sampler File
  • A3LAuthorware Version 3.x Library
  • A41Authorware Version 4.x Library
  • A4LAuthorware Version 4.x Library
  • A4PAuthorware File Without Runtime
  • A5WUnpackaged Authorware Windows File