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  • A/STAgainst
  • ABAAGArchitectural Barriers Act
  • ACAppellate Court
  • ACJAdministrative Civil Judge
  • ADAAmerican disabled act
  • ADAAAAmericans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act
  • AFSPAArmed Forces Special Powers Act
  • AFSPAArm Forces Special Power Act
  • AGIAAlaska Gasline Inducement Act
  • AGOAAfrican Growth Opportunity Act
  • AGOAAfrica Growth and Opportunity Act
  • AGOAAfrica Growth Opportunity Act
  • AHERAAsbestos Hazardous Emergency Response Act
  • AIPAAmerican Inventors Protection Act
  • AIPAAmerican Inventor's Protection Act
  • ALJAdministrative Law Judge
  • AMAAAgricultural Marketing Agreement Act
  • AMCAcceptable Means of Compliance
  • AMTAAgriculture Market Transition Act
  • ANILCAAlaska Natural Interest Lands Conservation Act