blank out

blank something out

1. Lit. to erase something, as on a computer screen. Who blanked out the information that was on my screen? Please blank your password out as soon as you type it.
2. Fig. to forget something, perhaps on purpose; to blot something out of memory. I'm sorry, I just blanked your question out. I blanked out your question. What did you say?
See also: blank, out

blank out

1. To erase or cover something so that it cannot be seen or read: Please blank out the incorrect information on this form. I didn't want them to see my letter on the computer screen, so I blanked it out. Some of the words in the document had been blanked out to protect people's privacy.
2. To suddenly forget what one was about to say: My neighbor blanks out on my name every time we meet. I was about to say something important, but I blanked out!
3. To deliberately forget or stop thinking about something, especially something unpleasant: I've blanked out most of those sad memories. The suffering patient tried to blank out the pain.
See also: blank, out

Common Names:

BrittaniBRIT-nee, BRIT-ə-neeEnglish (Modern)
Agneseah-NYE-ze (Italian), AHG-ne-se (Latvian) Italian, Latvian