1. (British & Australian informal) lacking skill with your hands Rob made a cack-handed attempt to fix the door and now it won't close at all. She doesn't strike me as the practical sort - she's a bit cack-handed.
2. (British & Australian informal) lacking skill in the way that you deal with people What struck me was the cack-handed way that he dealt with the whole situation.


1. n. dung; feces. (see also caca.) Wipe that cack off your shoes before you come in here!
2. in. to defecate. (Usually objectionable.) The dog cacked right there on Fifth Avenue.
3. and kack and kak in. to empty one’s stomach; to puke; to vomit. (Onomatopeotic.) I cacked all night with the flu.
4. and kack and kak tv. to kill someone. Frank threatened to cack Veronica if she didn’t straighten up.
5. tv. to deceive someone; to shit (sense 7) someone. That didn’t happen! You’re just cacking me.

Common Names:

Shrivatsa-Indian, Hindi (Rare)
Citlali-Native American, Nahuatl