yack one's head off

Fig. to talk a great deal. Jane yacked her head off and ended up with a sore throat. Don't yack your head off!
See also: head, off, yack

yack something up

Inf. to talk a great deal [about someone or something]. (The something is often it.) She yacked the concert up endlessly. Sally yacked up the concert, trying to get people to attend. Yack it up and see if you can get people to attend.
See also: up, yack


and yock and yuck and yuk (jæk and jɔk and jək)
1.n. a foolish person. Who’s the yock wearing the red bandana?
2.n. idle chatter. I’ve heard enough yack to last me a lifetime.
3. Go to yak.


and yack (jæk)
1.in. to talk. Stop yakking for a minute.
2.n. a chat. We had a nice little yack and then left for work.
3.n. a joke. Don’t tell that yack again. It’s not a winner.
4.n. a laugh from a joke. The audience produced a feeble yak that was mostly from embarrassment.
5.in. to vomit. (Onomatopoetic.) Hank was in the john yakking all night.
6.n. cognac. (Streets.) My man, have some yak.


See yak

Common Names:

TildaTEEL-dah (Finnish)English, Swedish, Finnish
Thalia-Greek Mythology (Latinized)