zero in

zero in (on someone or something)

to aim directly at someone or something. The television camera zeroed in on the little boy scratching his head. The commercial zeroed in on the glass of cola. Mary is very good about zeroing in on the most important and helpful ideas.
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zero in (on something)

to direct your attention to one particular thing My son's teacher was able to zero in and deal with his problems. She needs to really zero in on what's important instead of going off on a lot of tangents.
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zero in

1. To aim or focus something, such as a weapon or telescope, toward a specific target or location: The enemy spotted the approaching aircraft and zeroed in their missiles. Zero the telescopes in on the watchtower.
2. To identify with increasing accuracy a property of something, especially its location: We are finally zeroing in on the location of the smuggling ring.
3. To adjust the aim or sight of a weapon by repeated firings: The soldiers fired a few rounds in order to zero in their rifles. I zeroed the gun in at 100 yards.
4. zero in on To direct one's gaze or attention to something: The children zeroed in on the display of toys in the store window.
See also: zero

Common Names:

Bo (1)-Swedish, Danish
Bianka-German, Hungarian, Polish
Avrahamah-vrah-HAHM (Jewish)Hebrew, Biblical Hebrew