What does BUP stand for ?

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BUP Definition

The definition of BUP is Build Up Pallet (shipping).

Build Up Pallet (shipping)

What is BUP ?

BUP is "Build Up Pallet (shipping)".

What Does BUP Stand For ?

BUP is stand for "Build Up Pallet (shipping)".

The Meaning of BUP

BUP means "Build Up Pallet (shipping)".

BUP full form

BUP full form is "Build Up Pallet (shipping)".

Definition of BUP

Definition of BUP is "Build Up Pallet (shipping)".

Now you know - BUP means Build Up Pallet (shipping).

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  • Bangladesh Unnayan Parishad (Bangladeshi development organization)
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  • Barracks Upgrade Program
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  • Bureau of Unclaimed Property
  • Base Unifiée Presse (French: Unified Press Base)
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  • Back-Up Plate
  • Bureau des Utopies & des Progrès (French: Office of Utopias & Progress)
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