What does CDEP stand for ?

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CDEP Definition

The definition of CDEP is Community Development Employment Program.

Community Development Employment Program

What is CDEP ?

CDEP is "Community Development Employment Program".

What Does CDEP Stand For ?

CDEP is stand for "Community Development Employment Program".

The Meaning of CDEP

CDEP means "Community Development Employment Program".

CDEP full form

CDEP full form is "Community Development Employment Program".

Definition of CDEP

Definition of CDEP is "Community Development Employment Program".

Now you know - CDEP means Community Development Employment Program.

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CDEP Also Stands For

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  • Comprehensive District Educational Plan
  • Community Development Employment Projects
  • Community Development Employment Project
  • Cescommunity Development Employment Projects
  • Cooperative Developmental Energy Program
  • Comprehensive District Education Planning
  • Community Drug Education Project
  • Comprehensive District Education Plan
  • Climate Dynamics And Experimental Prediction
  • Curriculum Development Exchange Program
  • Community Development Employment Projects (indigenous peoples' government programs; Australia)
  • Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection (Hartford, CT; est. 1971)
  • Cooperative Developmental Energy Program (Fort Valley State University; Georgia)
  • Certificate in Distance Education Program
  • Communicable Disease Epidemiology Program (health surveillance; Utah)
  • Common Data Extraction Program