What does AAK Stand for?

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  • Aleanca për Ardhmërinë e Kosovës (Albanian: Alliance for the Future of Kosovo)
  • Amino Acid Kinase
  • Amino Acid Kinase (enzyme)

  • All American Karate (Lambertville, MI)
  • Australia China Holdings, LTD.

  • Agrochemicals Association of Kenya
  • Architectural Association of Kenya

  • Alive And Kicking
  • Asleep At Keyboard
  • Assembly Add-on Kit

  • Asleep At the Keyboard

  • Accessory Aero Kit
  • Advanced Anti Keylogger
  • Alive and Kickin'
  • An Adorable Kitten
  • Ask A Korean
  • Ausschuß Aachener Karneval (Carnival of Aachen Committee, Germany)
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