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#AAAT DefinitionCategory
1Architecture Atelier Akio TakatsukaAcademic & Science
2Army Advanced Aviation TechnologyGovernmental
3Army Advanced Aviation TechnologyMiscellaneous
4Army Advanced Aviation TechnologyComputing
5Art Alive Arts TrustCommunity
6Adams Advanced Aero TechnologyComputing
7African American Achievement TrustRegional
8Aletheia Anglican Academies TrustMiscellaneous
9All Asians Are TastyMiscellaneous
10Access All Areas TrainingMiscellaneous
11Art Alive Arts TrustMiscellaneous
12Adams Advanced Aero TechnologyMiscellaneous
13African American Achievement TrustMiscellaneous
14Air And Aqua TechBusiness
15Adult Adolescent Alcohol TreatmentMedical
16Art Along the Avenue of TechnologyCommunity
17All America Auto TransportBusiness
18Academic Affairs Assessment TeamAcademic & Science
19All American Auto TransportBusiness
20Armand Arabian Advocacy TournamentCommunity
21American Alumni Association of TanzaniaAcademic & Science
22Academic Affairs Administrative TeamAcademic & Science
23Area, Aptitude, Attitude, TrafficBusiness

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