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# AACA Definition Category
1Army Airlift Clearance AuthorityGovernmental
2Asian American Cultural AssociationCommunity
3Antique Automobile Club of AmericaCommunity
4Authentic Artifact Collectors AssociationCommunity
5American Alliance of Creditor AttorneysCommunity
6Asian American Civic AssociationCommunity
7Architects Accreditation Council of AustraliaAcademic & Science
8All Assam Chess AssociationMiscellaneous
9American Association of Certified AppraisersBusiness
10Association of Chartered Certified AccountantsBusiness
11American Association of Clinical AnatomistsAcademic & Science
12Afghan Assistance Coordination AuthorityMiscellaneous
13Alaska Air Carriers AssociationMiscellaneous
14Asociación Argentina de Críticos de ArteMiscellaneous
15Australians Against Child AbuseMiscellaneous
16Atlanta Area Compensation AssociationAcademic & Science
17Australian Acupuncture AssociationMiscellaneous
18African American Cultural Alliance (various locations)Miscellaneous
19Atlanta Air Cargo AssociationMiscellaneous
20Authentic Artifacts Collectors AssociationMiscellaneous
21Asian American Contractors AssociationMiscellaneous
22American Alliance of Creditor Attorneys, Inc.Academic & Science
23African-American Cultural AssociationMiscellaneous
24Armenian American Cultural Association, Inc.Miscellaneous
25Arizona Association of Crime AnalystsMiscellaneous
26American Association of Certified AllergistsAcademic & Science
27American Apparel Contractors AssociationMiscellaneous
28African American Cultural AwarenessMiscellaneous
29Artists Against Corporate ArtMiscellaneous
30Ambient Atmosphere Conditions and AgingAcademic & Science
31Associate of the Association of Cost AccountantsAcademic & Science
32American Academy of Cardiovascular AdministratorsAcademic & Science
33American Academy of Consumer AttorneysMiscellaneous
34Airborne Antisubmarine Warfare Coordination AircraftGovernmental
35Aberdeen Arts Centre Association (United Kingdom)Miscellaneous
36American Association of Creative ArtistsMiscellaneous
37Amphibious Auto Club of AmericaMiscellaneous
38Autopia Absentee Catalog AuctionMiscellaneous
39Alaskan Artifact Collectors AssociationMiscellaneous
40Atlantic Apparel Contractors Association, Inc.Miscellaneous
41American Automobile Claims and Appraisals (Richardson, TX)Miscellaneous
42Aneurysm of the Anterior Communicating ArteryAcademic & Science
43American Academy of Conducting at AspenAcademic & Science
44American Academy of Culinary ArtsAcademic & Science
45Alliance Against Cruelty to AnimalsGovernmental
46Alliance Against Circus AnimalsGovernmental
47Almond Acres Charter AcademyAcademic & Science
48Advances in Applied Clifford AlgebrasMiscellaneous
49American Alliance of Creditor AttorneysGovernmental
50Alaska Air Carriers AssociationRegional
51Atlanta Area Compensation AssociationCommunity
52Asian American Contractors AssociationInternational
53Asian American Contractors AssociationBusiness
54Asian American Contractors AssociationCommunity
55Arizona Association of Crime AnalystsCommunity
56Arizona Association of Crime AnalystsGovernmental
57Atlanta Air Cargo AssociationCommunity
58All Assam Chess AssociationCommunity
59American Association of Clinical AnatomistsCommunity
60American Association of Clinical AnatomistsMedical
61American Anti-Corruption ActGovernmental

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