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#AACCC DefinitionCategory
1Alberta Aboriginal Construction Careers CentresBusiness
2Alberta Aboriginal Construction Careers CentresMiscellaneous
3Anne Arundel County Chamber of CommerceRegional
4Anne Arundel County Chamber of CommerceGovernmental
5African American Cultural Center of CamdenCommunity
6African American Cultural Center of CamdenRegional
7Audubon Area Community Care ClinicCommunity
8Alberta Aboriginal Construction Career CentreMiscellaneous
9African American Communication Collaboration CouncilGovernmental
10African American Council of Christian ClergyCommunity
11African American Council of Christian ClergyGovernmental
12Antique Auto Club of Cape CanaveralCommunity
13Association des Amis du Centre de CancerologieCommunity
14Anchorage Animal Care And Control CenterMiscellaneous
15Attapulgite Activated Carbon Composite CeramisiteMiscellaneous
16Alberta Aboriginal Construction Career CentreBusiness
17Apopka Area Concerned Citizens CouncilGovernmental
18African American Communication Collaboration CouncilRegional
19African American Council of Christian ClergyRegional
20Ann Arbor Chinese Christian ChurchCommunity
21Alamo Area Clean Cities CoalitionRegional

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