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# AACE Definition Category
1American Association of Clinical EndocrinologistsMedical
2American Association of Clinical EndocrinologistsCommunity
3Arkansas Association of Colleges and EmployersCommunity
4Arkansas Association of Colleges and EmployersAcademic & Science
5American Association of Cost EngineersCommunity
6Alabama Association of Colleges and EmployersCommunity
7Alabama Association of Colleges and EmployersAcademic & Science
8Architecture Advanced Concepts and EngineeringAcademic & Science
9Academic Administrator Clinician EducatorAcademic & Science
10Asian American Coalition for EducationCommunity
11American Association of Cat EnthusiastsCommunity
12Academic Advising and Career EducationCommunity
13American Association of Code EnforcementGovernmental
14American Association for Cancer EducationMedical
15Academic Administrator Clinician EducatorCommunity
16Asian American Coalition for EducationInternational
17American Association of Confused EngineersCommunity
18Academic Advising and Career EducationBusiness
19Annual Award for Communication ExcellenceMiscellaneous
20Academy for Advanced and Challenge EnthusiastsAcademic & Science
21Association of Advancement for Cost EngineeringBusiness
22Association for the Advancement of Computing in EducationCommunity
23Association for the Advancement of Cost EngineeringBusiness
24Afternoon Academic Challenge and EnrichmentAcademic & Science
25Applied Academics Career EducationCommunity
26Audit Analysis Computer EnvironmentBusiness
27American Association of Clinical EndocrinologistsBusiness
28Airworthiness Assurance Center of ExcellenceGovernmental
29Austin Atari Computer EnthusiastsComputing
30Academy for Advanced and Challenged EnthusiastsCommunity
31African American Choral EnsembleCommunity
32American Association for Cancer EducationCommunity
33Annual Awards for Communications ExcellenceCommunity
34Aircraft Alerting Communication EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse)Governmental
35ACE Cash Express, Inc.Business
36All Animals Created Equal (Florida)Miscellaneous
37American Association of Coastal EngineersMiscellaneous
38Aircraft Alerting Communications EMP (Upgrade)Governmental
39American Academic and Cultural ExchangeMiscellaneous
40Attitude and Antenna Control ElectronicsCommunity
41Association for Assessment in Counseling and EducationMiscellaneous
42American Association of Code EnforcementAcademic & Science
43American Association of Cat EnthusiastsMiscellaneous
44Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering (formerly American Association of Cost Engineers)Academic & Science
45American Association of Cost EngineersMiscellaneous
46American Association of CostCommunity

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