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# AAH Definition Category
1Associate in Allied HealthMedical
2Alone Against HellMiscellaneous
3Academy of Architecture for HealthMedical
4Academy of Architecture for HealthAcademic & Science
5Academy of Accounting HistoriansAcademic & Science
6Academy of Accounting HistoriansBusiness
7Apache Attack HelicopterMiscellaneous
8Allocation aux Adultes Handicapés (French: Allowance for Disabled Adults; est. 1975)Miscellaneous
9Aachen (IATA airport/city code)Miscellaneous
10Australian Academy of the HumanitiesAcademic & Science
11Alliance for Alternatives in HealthcareMedical
12Arlington Academy of HopeCommunity
13Association of Art HistoriansMiscellaneous
14American Association for HomecareMiscellaneous
15African Americans for HumanismRegional
16Antibacterial Antioxidant HoneyMiscellaneous
17Association of Ancient HistoriansMiscellaneous
18Action Africa HelpMiscellaneous
19Aastra Technologies, LimitedBusiness
20Atypical Adenomatous HyperplasiaMedical
21Austin Area HomeschoolersCommunity
22Action Against HungerCommunity
23Advanced Attack HelicopterGovernmental
24Association For Art HistoryCommunity
25Androctonus australis HectorMiscellaneous
26Ahl al HaqMiscellaneous
27Adopt A HighwayMiscellaneous
28Animal Assisted HappinessMiscellaneous
29Association of Art HistoriansCommunity
30American Association for HomecareCommunity
31Association of Ancient HistoriansCommunity
32Action Africa HelpRegional
33Aquatic Animal Health (various organizations)Academic & Science
34Association of Art Historians (est. 1974; UK)Miscellaneous
35Alameda Alliance for Health (Alameda, CA)Miscellaneous
36Association of African HydrologistsAcademic & Science
37Agriculture d'Autrefois dans le Hurepoix (French agricultural history group)Miscellaneous
38Automated Alarm HandlingAcademic & Science
39Association pour l'Action Humanitaire (French)Miscellaneous
40Academy on Architecture for HealthMiscellaneous
41Ada Adoption HandbookMiscellaneous
42Automatic Attitude HoldAcademic & Science
43Association d'Aide à l'Humanitaire (French: Association for Humanitarian Assistance)Miscellaneous
44Act Against Homophobia (Faroe Islands)Academic & Science
45Aktion Afrika Hilfe (German NGO)Miscellaneous
46Apache Attack HelicopterGovernmental
47Association of Ancient Historians (Salt Lake City, UT)Miscellaneous
48African Americans for Humanism (Council for Secular Humanism)Miscellaneous
49Aloha Airlines (ICAO code)Governmental
50Americans Against HateMiscellaneous
51Adopt-A-Highway (litter removal program, USA)Governmental

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