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#AASC DefinitionCategory
1Appalachian Agency For Senior CitizensBusiness
2Allergy Asthma Sinus CenterMedical
3Assam Administrative Staff CollegeGovernmental
4Assam Administrative Staff CollegeAcademic & Science
5Auditing and Assurance Standards CouncilBusiness
6Auditing and Assurance Standards CouncilGovernmental
7Academic Affairs and Standards CouncilGovernmental
8Academic Affairs and Standards CouncilAcademic & Science
9Advanced Ambulatory Surgery CenterMedical
10Army Acquisition Support CenterGovernmental
11Australian Army Service CorpsRegional
12Avon And Somerset ConstabularyMiscellaneous
13Australian Army Service CorpsGovernmental
14Allergy Asthma Sinus CenterMiscellaneous
15Arthritis Associates of Southern CaliforniaMiscellaneous
16Apartment Association of Southern ColoradoCommunity
17Asian American Student CollectiveAcademic & Science
18Asian American Student CollectiveInternational
19Alliance of AIDS Services CarolinaGovernmental
20African American Shakespeare CompanyRegional
21Arkansas Association of Student CouncilsGovernmental
22Alameda Applied Sciences CorporationBusiness
23African American Studies CenterRegional
24Academic Applications and Service CentersAcademic & Science
25African American Student CenterRegional
26Applied Aerospace Structures CorporationBusiness
27Arizona Association of Student CouncilsGovernmental
28American Association of Service CoordinatorsCommunity
29American Allied Safety CouncilGovernmental
30Academic Applications and Services CentersAcademic & Science
31Asian American Studies CenterInternational
32Academic Advising and Support CenterAcademic & Science
33Appalachian Agency For Senior CitizensMiscellaneous
34Associate of the Academy of Saint CeciliaMiscellaneous
35Auditing and Assurance Standards Council (Philippines)Academic & Science
36Alcalenian Association of Southern California (Carson, CA)Miscellaneous
37American Association of School ChildrenMiscellaneous
38Alpha Arts and Science College (India)Miscellaneous
39A+ Authorized Service Center (where at least 50% of technicians are A+ Certified)Community
40Army Automation Steering Committee (US Army)Governmental
41Aging and Adult Services CommissionMiscellaneous
42Army Area Signal CenterGovernmental
43Appalachian Agency for Senior Citizens (Cedar Bluff, VA)Miscellaneous
44American Association of Service Coordinators (Powell, OH)Academic & Science
45Asian American Studies CenterMiscellaneous
46American Association of State Climatologists (est. 1976)Academic & Science
47Anti-Aircraft Searchlight CompanyGovernmental
48American Association of State ClimatologistsAcademic & Science
49Ann Arbor Stamp ClubMiscellaneous
50American Association of State ClimatologistsCommunity
51Arab Accounting Services CenterBusiness
52Association of African Sports ConfederationsCommunity
53Association of African Sports ConfederationsSports
54Association of African Sports ConfederationsRegional
55Astronomy and Astrophysics Survey CommitteeCommunity
56Astronomy and Astrophysics Survey CommitteeAcademic & Science
57Alameda Applied Sciences CorpAcademic & Science
58Alameda Applied Sciences CorpBusiness
59Annual Audit Status CertificationBusiness
60Amity ACM Student ChapterAcademic & Science
61Advising and Academic Support CenterAcademic & Science
62American Association of Safety CouncilsGovernmental
63American Association of Safety CouncilsCommunity
64Assembly of Agency Staff CommitteesComputing

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