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#ABCT DefinitionCategory
1Association for Behavioral and Cognitive TherapiesMiscellaneous
2Anthony Bean Community TheaterMiscellaneous
3Austrian Business Cycle TheoryMiscellaneous
4Appearance Behavior Cognition ThoughtMiscellaneous
5Airborne Battalion Combat TeamMiscellaneous
6Association for Behavioural and Cognitive TherapiesMiscellaneous
7Armored Brigade Combat TeamMiscellaneous
8Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (formerly known as the Association for Advancement of Behavior Therapy)Miscellaneous
9Airborne Brigade Combat TeamGovernmental
10Airborne Battalion Combat Team (US Army)Governmental
11American Board of Chelation TherapyAcademic & Science
12AIDS Business Coalition TanzaniaMiscellaneous
13Alliance of Boulder County on Tobacco and Health (Boulder, CO, USA)Miscellaneous
14Academy for the Advancement of Businesss & Computer TechnologyCommunity
15Autologous Blood Cell TransplantationAcademic & Science
16Appearance, Behavior, Cognition, Thought (mental health evaluation process)Academic & Science
17Association for Behavioral and Cognitive TherapiesCommunity
18Anthony Bean Community TheaterCommunity
19Austrian Business Cycle TheoryBusiness
20Association for Behavioural and Cognitive TherapiesCommunity
21Armored Brigade Combat TeamGovernmental
22Association of Behavioral and Cognitive TherapiesCommunity
23Armor Brigade Combat TeamGovernmental
24Alliance of Boulder County on TobaccoGovernmental
25Alliance of Boulder County on TobaccoRegional
26Avocado Bacon Cheese TomatoMiscellaneous
27Aerobics Build Contour and ToneMiscellaneous
28AIDS Business Coalition TanzaniaBusiness
29American Board of Chelation TherapyMedical

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