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#ABLC DefinitionCategory
1Avon and Bristol Law CentreGovernmental
2AbleAuctions.Com, Inc.Business
3Auto Black Level CompensationMiscellaneous
4Appointed Beyond Local CongregationCommunity
5African Business Lawyers ClubGovernmental
6African Business Lawyers ClubCommunity
7African Business Lawyers ClubBusiness
8African Business Lawyers ClubRegional
9ampbotericin B lipid complexMiscellaneous
10Aerodynamic Boundary Layer ControlMiscellaneous
11Asset Based Lending ConsultantsMiscellaneous
12Asian Business Leaders ConclaveBusiness
13Asian Business Leaders ConclaveInternational
14Angry Black Lady ChroniclesMiscellaneous
15Academia Brasileira de Literatura de CordelMiscellaneous
16Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership ConferenceCommunity
17Affect Based Language CurriculumAcademic & Science
18Amphotericin B lipid complexMiscellaneous
19Absorbing Branch-Line CouplerAcademic & Science
20Aussie Best Loans Centre (Australia)Business
21Auto Black Level CompensationAcademic & Science
22Avon and Bristol Law Centre (free legal advice)Miscellaneous
23Affect-Based Language CurriculumMiscellaneous
24Amphotericin B Lipid ComplexAcademic & Science

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