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#ACAA DefinitionCategory
1Automatic Chemical Agent AlarmGovernmental
2Afghan Civil Aviation AuthorityRegional
3Air Traffic Controller Airman Apprentice Governmental
4Air Contronman Airman Apprentice Governmental
5American Coal Ash Association (Washington, DC)Miscellaneous
6Air Carrier Access Act of 1986Governmental
7Air Carrier Association of AmericaAcademic & Science
8Amazigh Cultural Association in AmericaMiscellaneous
9American Coalition for Abuse AwarenessMiscellaneous
10Academic Center for Aging AircraftMiscellaneous
11Antique Automobile Club of America (Hershey, PA)Miscellaneous
12African Canadian Achievement AwardMiscellaneous
13Agreement of Conformity Assessment and Acceptance of Industrial ProductsAcademic & Science
14Alabama Coastal Area ActGovernmental
15Affordable COTS for Aging AircraftGovernmental
16Agricultural Conservation & Adjustment AdministrationMiscellaneous
17Army Concept Analysis Agency (US Army)Governmental
18Auto-Calibrating Adaptive ArrayCommunity
19Air Controlman Airman Apprentice (US Navy Rating)Governmental
20Allegheny County Airport Authority (Pennsylvania)Academic & Science
21Association of Certified Accountants of AzerbaijanAcademic & Science
22Air Carrier Access ActMiscellaneous
23Asian Columbia Alumni AssociationAcademic & Science
24Asian Columbia Alumni AssociationInternational
25Allegheny Christian Athletic AssociationSports
26Allegheny Christian Athletic AssociationCommunity
27Amador County Artists AssociationCommunity
28Air Carriers Access ActMiscellaneous
29Allegheny County Airport AuthorityRegional
30Asian Culture Awareness AssociationInternational
31All Campus Advising AssociationCommunity
32Arizona Conservatory for Arts AcademicsMiscellaneous
33Artisan Contractors Association of AmericaBusiness
34American Coal Ash AssociationCommunity
35Arizona Conservatory for Arts and AcademicsMiscellaneous
36Arizona Community Action AssociationCommunity
37Amazigh Cultural Association in AmericaCommunity
38Ada Conformity Assessment AuthorityGovernmental
39Australia China Alumni AssociationAcademic & Science
40Australia China Alumni AssociationRegional
41Amateur Competitive Athletics AssociationSports
42Advisory Committee for Academic AssessmentAcademic & Science
43Atlantic Collegiate Athletic AssocSports
44Atlantic Colleges Athletic AssociationAcademic & Science
45Atlantic Colleges Athletic AssociationCommunity
46Atlantic Colleges Athletic AssociationSports
47Arizona Conservatory for Arts AcademicsCommunity
48Arizona Conservatory for Arts and AcademicsCommunity
49Allegheny County Airport AuthorityMiscellaneous
50Allegheny County Airport AuthorityGovernmental
51American Collegiate Athletic AssociationSports
52American Collegiate Athletic AssociationCommunity

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