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#ACAC DefinitionCategory
1Allen County Athletic ConferenceCommunity
2Allen County Athletic ConferenceSports
3Allen County Athletic ConferenceRegional
4Amador County Arts CouncilGovernmental
5Amador County Arts CouncilRegional
6Alberta Colleges Athletics ConferenceCommunity
7Alberta Colleges Athletics ConferenceSports
8Alberta Colleges Athletics ConferenceAcademic & Science
9Allied Churches of AlamanceCommunity
10Allied Churches of Alamance CountyCommunity
11Academic and Career Advisement CenterBusiness
12Asociación Colombiana para el Avance de la CienciaAcademic & Science
13all a cappella auditions councilGovernmental
14a cappella advisory councilGovernmental
15Arvada Child Advocacy CenterMiscellaneous
16Army Combined Arms CenterGovernmental
17Air Control Area CommanderGovernmental
18Automated Direct Analog ComputerAcademic & Science
19Automobile Club André Citroën (French automobile club)Miscellaneous
20Apparel Contractors Alliance of CaliforniaAcademic & Science
21Association Champenoise des Automobiles de Collection (French automobile club)Miscellaneous
22Access Customer Advocate CenterAcademic & Science
23Association des Chasseurs À l'Arc du Cher (French hunting association)Miscellaneous
24Air-Cooled Air Cooler (aviation)Community
25American Council for Accredited Certification (Glendale, AZ)Academic & Science
26Arkansas Community Arts CooperativeMiscellaneous
27Alberta Colleges Athletics Conference (Canada)Miscellaneous
28Association of College Admissions CounselorsMiscellaneous
29Accord Commercial Anti-Contrefaçon (French: Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement)Academic & Science
30AcetoacetateAcademic & Science
32Asociacin Colombiana para el Avance de la CienciaAcademic & Science
33Colombian Association for the Advancement of ScienceAcademic & Science
35Another Choice Another ChanceMiscellaneous
36Allegheny Center Alliance ChurchCommunity
37Acetylacetone ACAC Acetoacetate ACACMiscellaneous
38Atlanta Contemporary Art CenterMiscellaneous
39Atlanta Competitive AdvantageMiscellaneous
40Alberta College Athletic ConferenceCommunity
41Atlanta CompetitiveMiscellaneous
42Academic and Career Advising CenterBusiness
43all a cappella auditions councilMiscellaneous
44a cappella advisory councilMiscellaneous
45ACAC Of course Alberta CollegesAcademic & Science
46Atomic City Aquatic ClubCommunity
47Ames Cyclone Aquatics ClubCommunity
48Atlanta Competitive Advantage ConferenceCommunity
49Allen Chapman Activity CenterMiscellaneous
50American College Application CampaignAcademic & Science
51Area Clinical Audit CommitteeMedical
52acetyl-coenzyme A cocarboxylaseMedical
53acetoacetic acidMedical
54American Council for Accredited CertificationBusiness
55Agree, Confirm, Answer, and CloseBusiness
56Atlanta Community Access CoalitionCommunity
57Academic Computing Advisory CommitteeAcademic & Science
58Arkansas Casino CorporationBusiness

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