Abbreviation Definition
A.B.Artium Baccalaureaus
A.M.TMaster of Arts in Teaching
A.Mus.A.Associate in Music, Australia
A2Advanced Level 2 (UK educational qualification)
AAAbbreviated Addressing
AAAmplitude Adder
AAAssociate in Arts
AAAssociate of Arts
AAAAsian Art Appreciation
AAASAfrican and African American Studies
AABAssociate of Applied Business
AABAAssociate of Arts in Business Administration
AADAntillean Academy Diploma
AADIPAntillean Academy DIPloma
AADIPArchitectural Association Diploma
AADIPArchitectural Association School of Architecture Diploma
AAFPRSFellow of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
AAGSAssociate of Arts in General Studies
AAIApplied Artificial Intelligence
AAPALAAmerican Association of Prior Academic Learning Assessment

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