Abbreviation Definition
ARENAmateur Radio Emergency Network
ARESAmateur Radio Emergency Service
ARESAmateur Radio Emergency Services
ARFAmateur Radio Forum
ARFCNAbsolute Radio Frequency Channel Number
ARKBAmateur Radio Kota Bharu
ARLOYAmateur Radio Lady Of the Year
AROAmateur Radio Operator
AROAustin Repeater Organization
AROSAmateur Radio Observation Service
ARPSAmateur Radio Packet System
ARRGAmateur Radio Repeater Geezers
ARRLAmerican Radio Relay League
ASAPArea, Speed, And Power
ASCPAmateur Station Control Protocol
ASDICAnti-Submarine Detection Investigation Committee
ATTAt This Time
ATVAmateur Television
AUBSAUdio Base Station
AWAREArray of Wireless Access Repeater Elements

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