Abbreviation Definition
NCBPNeuroscience Cell Biology and Physiology
NCC(s)neural crest cell(s)
NCCBNorthern California Computational Biology
NCGSNon Celiac Gluten Sensitivity
NCSBNational Centers for System Biology
NCSBNational Centers for Systems Biology
NCSBNetherlands Consortium for Systems Biology
NCTCNational Collection of Type Cultures
NEBNuclear envelope breakdown
NEBDNuclear envelope breakdown
NEETIANA person who have qualified neet exam.
NEGONeisseria gonorrhoeae
NEMBNanoEngineering for Medicine and Biology
NESBANew England Structural Biology Association
NEVONederlands Voedingsstoffenbestand
NF-KBNuclear Factor- Kappa B
NFLNature's First Law
NFLNegative Feedback Loop
NGSNext Generation Sequencing
NHCINeural Human Computer Interface

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