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#ACAP DefinitionCategory
1Attorney and Consumer Assistance ProgramGovernmental
2Accountable Care Accountable PatientsreflectingMiscellaneous
3Albany Community Action PartnershipCommunity
4Association of Chinese American PhysiciansCommunity
5Autistic Community Activity ProgramCommunity
6Autistic Children's Activity ProgramMedical
7Adirondack Community Action ProgramsCommunity
8Association for Community Affiliated PlansCommunity
9Academy of Clinical and Applied PsychoanalysisBusiness
10Aroostook County Action ProgramRegional
11Adult Community Autism ProgramCommunity
12Accord sur la Conservation des Albatros et des Pétrels (French: Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels)Miscellaneous
13As Close As PossibleMiscellaneous
14Aviation Consumer Action Project (Washington, DC)Miscellaneous
15Associação do Comércio Automóvel de PortugalMiscellaneous
16Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels (international treaty)Miscellaneous
17Attorney Consumer Assistance ProgramGovernmental
18Accelerated Culinary Arts ProgramCommunity
19Airport Capital Assistance ProgramMiscellaneous
20Automated Collections Action ProgramMiscellaneous
21Asian Congress of Applied PsychologyInternational
22Asian Congress of Applied PsychologyAcademic & Science
23Advance Credit Administration ProgramMiscellaneous
24American Council on Alcohol ProblemsGovernmental
25Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and PetrelsCommunity
26Association of Chinese American ProfessionalsCommunity
27Adaptive Community Approach ProgramCommunity
28AXIS Camera Application PlatformMiscellaneous
29Accessibility Communication Attitude and ParticipationMiscellaneous
30As Close As PossibleBusiness
31Atlanta Canine Adoption ProjectCommunity
32Association of Community Action PartnershipsCommunity
33Associate Certified Analytics ProfessionalBusiness
34Arctic Contaminants Action ProgramMiscellaneous
35Animal Care Assistance ProgramMiscellaneous
36Animal Care Application (ethical research form; Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee)Miscellaneous
37Adenocarcinoma of the Prostate (prostate cancer)Miscellaneous
38Any Channel Any ProtocolMiscellaneous
39Avionics for Composite Aircraft PlanMiscellaneous
40Adaptive Channel-Access ProtocolMiscellaneous
41Air Command Acoustic ProcessingMiscellaneous
42Advisory Council for Administrative ProfessionalsMiscellaneous
43Alarm Control and Annunciator PanelMiscellaneous
44Azimuthally Collapsed Antenna PatternMiscellaneous
45Alliance for Constructive Air PolicyMiscellaneous
46Airplane Characteristics for Airport Planning (aviation)Miscellaneous
47Army Cost Analysis PaperMiscellaneous
48Automatic Circuit Analysis ProgramMiscellaneous
49AIDS/HIV Care Access ProjectMiscellaneous
50Alberta Coalition Against Poverty (Canada)Miscellaneous
51African Caribbean Achievement ProjectMiscellaneous
52Alien Criminal Apprehension Program (Immigrations and Customs Enforcement)Miscellaneous
53American Council on Alcohol ProblemsMiscellaneous
54Advanced CapabilitiesMiscellaneous
55Airport Capital Assistance Program (Canada)Miscellaneous
56Aged Care Assessment ProgramMiscellaneous
57Alliance of Claims Assistance ProfessionalsMiscellaneous
58Australian College of Ambulance Professionals (Australia)Miscellaneous
59Analyst CapabilityMiscellaneous
60AOC Claims and PaymentMiscellaneous
61Academic and Career AchievementBusiness
62Academic and Career AchievementAcademic & Science
63Accountable Care Accountable Patients—reflectingMiscellaneous
64Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and PetrelsMiscellaneous
65accelerated culinary arts programMiscellaneous
66Attorney Consumer Assistance ProgramMiscellaneous
67Attorney and Consumer Assistance ProgramMiscellaneous
68Accountable Care Accountable Patients???reflectingMiscellaneous
69Albany Community Action PartnershipMiscellaneous
70Association of Chinese American PhysiciansMiscellaneous
71Autistic Community Activity ProgramMiscellaneous
72As Chill As PossibleMiscellaneous
73Autistic Children's Activity ProgramMiscellaneous
74Adirondack Community Action ProgramsMiscellaneous
75Association for Community Affiliated PlansMiscellaneous
76Academy of Clinical and Applied PsychoanalysisAcademic & Science
77Aroostook County Action ProgramMiscellaneous
78Adult Community Autism ProgramMiscellaneous
79Association of College Administration ProfessionalsAcademic & Science
80Area Communications Electronics CapabilityGovernmental
81Automated Content Access ProtocolComputing
82Associazione Cabotaggio Armatori PartenopeiCommunity
83Army Career Alumni ProgramGovernmental
84Australian College of Applied PsychologyAcademic & Science
85Aboriginal Cultural Awareness ProgramCommunity
86Arab Center for Alternative PlanningCommunity
87Agricultural Community Action ProgramMiscellaneous
88Agricultural Commodities Assurance ProgramMiscellaneous
89Advanced Common Application PlatformComputing
90Annapurna Conservation Area ProjectGovernmental
91Alternative Cover Assessment ProgramGovernmental
92African Census Analysis ProjectRegional
93Associazione Cristiana Aiuto PraticoInternational
94Accounting Careers Awareness ProgramCommunity
95Alberta Coalition Against PovertyCommunity
96Application Configuration Access ProtocolComputing
97Atlantic Coastal Action ProgramAcademic & Science
98Adventist Composers, Arrangers, and PoetsCommunity
99Accounting Career Awareness ProgramBusiness
100Atlanta Christian Apologetics ProjectCommunity
101Advanced Composite AirFrame ProgramGovernmental
102Assessment Correlation and Analysis ProcessGovernmental
103Army Cost Analysis PositionGovernmental
104Army Career and Alumni ProgramGovernmental
105Array of Contemporary American PhysicistsMiscellaneous
106Australian College of Applied PsychologyRegional

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