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#ACCA DefinitionCategory
1Association of Chartered Certified AccountantsBusiness
2Association of Christian College AthleticsAcademic & Science
3Association of Christian College AthleticsCommunity
4Addictions Care Center of AlbanyMiscellaneous
5American Credit Counseling AgencyMiscellaneous
6Auglaize County Council on AgingGovernmental
7Association of Christian College AthleticsSports
8African Coalition for Corporate AccountabilityRegional
9A Crap Chartered AccountantBusiness
10Asia Cloud Computing AssociationCommunity
11Association of Corporate Counsel ACCCommunity
12Acute Cardiovascular Care AssociationCommunity
13American Correctional Chaplains AssociationCommunity
14Army Court of Criminal AppealsGovernmental
15Association of County Commissions of AlabamaCommunity
16Automatic Cloud Cover AssessmentAcademic & Science
17Air Courier Conference of AmericaCommunity
18Association for Christian College AthleticsSports
19Association for Christian College AthleticsAcademic & Science
20American College Counseling AssociationAcademic & Science
21Air Conditioning Contractors of AmericaCommunity
22American Corporate Counsel AssociationGovernmental
23Air Conditioning Contractors of America (trade association)Miscellaneous
24Alaska Center for Children and Adults (Fairbanks, AK)Miscellaneous
25Agricultural Commodities Certification Association (Washington, DC)Miscellaneous
26Airline Cabin Crew Association (Karachi, Pakistan)Miscellaneous
27Ashtabula County Council on AgingMiscellaneous
28Anglican Catholic Church of AustraliaMiscellaneous
29Addictions Care Center of Albany, Inc (Albany, NY)Miscellaneous
30American Cars Club d'Armor (French car club)Miscellaneous
31Aircrew Contamination Control AreaMiscellaneous
32America's Cup Challenge AssociationMiscellaneous
33Afro-Canadian Caribbean Association (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)Miscellaneous
34Association of Certified Corporate AccountantsMiscellaneous
35Associate of the Chartered Association of Certified AccountantsMiscellaneous
36Associated Communications Companies of AmericaMiscellaneous
37American Contract Compliance Association (St. Paul, MN)Miscellaneous
38Alberta Call Centre Association (Canada)Miscellaneous
39Armed Career Criminal Act of 1984Miscellaneous
40Association of Chartered Certified Accountants Hong KongMiscellaneous
41Accelerated Capital Cost AllowanceMiscellaneous
42Annandale Christian Community for Action (Annandale, VA)Miscellaneous
43Advanced Composite Cargo Aircraft (US Air Force)Miscellaneous
44Association Communale de Chasse Agréée (France)Miscellaneous
45Air Conditioning Contractors Association (Texas)Miscellaneous
46Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (Melbourne, Australia)Miscellaneous
47Air Conditioning Contractors of America Association, Inc.Miscellaneous
48A Crap Chartered AccountantMiscellaneous
49Asia Cloud Computing AssociationMiscellaneous
50Associate Chartered Certified AccountantBusiness
51Advanced Composite Cargo AircraftMiscellaneous
52Association of Corporate Counsel ACCMiscellaneous
53Ashland County Community AcademyAcademic & Science
54Acute Cardiovascular Care AssociationMiscellaneous
55Apostolic Christian Church of AmericaCommunity
56Association of Certified Chartered AccountantsBusiness
57American Correctional Chaplains AssociationMiscellaneous
58Associated Colleges of the Chicago AreaAcademic & Science
59Association of Chartered Certified AccountantBusiness
60Army Court of Criminal AppealsMiscellaneous
61Association of County Commissions of AlabamaMiscellaneous
62American Celtic Christian AllianceCommunity
63Australian Crohns and Colitis AssociationCommunity
64Arctic Cat Club of AmericaMiscellaneous
65Air Conditioning Contractors AssociationCommunity
66Australian Centre for Contemporary ArtCommunity
67Association for Christian College AthleticsCommunity
68American Concrete Contractors AssociationCommunity
69Annandale Christian Community for ActionCommunity
70Association of Corporate Counsels of AmericaCommunity
71Arizona Collision Craftsmens AssociationCommunity
72Assessment, Counseling, and Consulting AssociatesBusiness
73American College of Cardiovascular AdministratorsBusiness
74Air Courier Conference of AmericaBusiness
75American Corporate Counsel AssociationCommunity
76Automatic Cloud Cover AssessmentGovernmental
77American College Counseling AssociationCommunity
78American Contract Compliance AssociationCommunity
79Association of Commonwealth and Chinese AccountantsBusiness
80Airborne Command and Control AssociationCommunity
81Albany Citizens Council on AlcoholismCommunity
82Alaska Center for Children and AdultsCommunity
83Association of Chartered Certified AccountantsCommunity
84Air Conditioning Contractors of AmericaBusiness
85Amsterdam Catalogue of Composition AlgorithmsCommunity
86Association For Chinese Community AffairsCommunity
87Association of Certified Corporate AccountantsBusiness
88Association of Certified Corporate AccountantsCommunity
89Auglaize County Council on AgingRegional
90Attenborough Centre for the Creative ArtsMiscellaneous
91Association of Certified Chartered AccountsCommunity
92Association of Certified Chartered AccountsBusiness
93American Credit Counseling AgencyBusiness
94Attenborough Centre for the Creative ArtsCommunity
95Association for Chartered Certified AccountantsBusiness
96Association for Chartered Certified AccountantsCommunity
97Association of Certified Chartered AccountantBusiness
98Association of Certified Chartered AccountantCommunity
99Advisory Committee on Colleague AssistanceBusiness
100Advisory Committee on Colleague AssistanceCommunity
101Association of Christian Childcare AdministratorsCommunity
102Athens Community Council on AgingCommunity
103Athens Community Council on AgingGovernmental
104Antiochian Catholic Church in AmericaCommunity
105Alabama Community College AssociationCommunity
106Alabama Community College AssociationAcademic & Science
107Armed Career Criminal ActBusiness
108Armed Career Criminal ActGovernmental
109Asian Coalition for Community ActionInternational
110Asian Coalition for Community ActionCommunity

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