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#ACCE DefinitionCategory
1Atlantic Circulation and Climate ExperimentAcademic & Science
2American Chamber Of Commerce ExecutivesBusiness
3American Council For Construction EducationCommunity
4American College of Clinical EngineeringAcademic & Science
5American Chamber of Commerce EstoniaBusiness
6Adult Community College EducationCommunity
7Advanced Configurable Crypto EnvironmentComputing
8Accreditation Council for Cooperative EducationAcademic & Science
9Air Component Coordination ElementGovernmental
10Association of Consulting Civil EngineersBusiness
12Australian Council for Computers in EducationMiscellaneous
13Association of Chinese Canadian Entrepreneurs (Canada)Academic & Science
14Annual Call Center ExpoAcademic & Science
15Award for Call Center ExcellenceMiscellaneous
16Association of Community and Continuing EducationMiscellaneous
17Advisory Committee on ChemicalsAcademic & Science
18Abrams Crusader Common EngineGovernmental
19Association des Cinémathèques de la Communauté Européenne (Association of Filmarchives of the European Community)Miscellaneous
20Ada Compiler Capability EvaluationMiscellaneous
21Appeals, Counsel, Collection and ExaminationGovernmental
22Active Calcium Carbonate EquivalentAcademic & Science
23AFCEA Computing Conference & ExpositionAcademic & Science
24Air Combat Command EnterpriseGovernmental
25Advanced Collection & Control ElementGovernmental
26Association of County Chief Executives (UK)Academic & Science
27Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education (Jefferson College)Miscellaneous
28Asian Centre For Certification And Education Of Addiction Professionals
29American City County ExchangeRegional
30Alliance of Californians for Community EmpowermentCommunity
32Automotive Composites Conference ExhibitionCommunity
33Alcohol Cannabis Cocaine and EcstasyMiscellaneous
34Achieving Career College EducationBusiness
35Achieving College Career EducationBusiness
36African Center for Community EmpowermentCommunity
37African Center for Community EmpowermentRegional
38Australian Council for Computers in EducationCommunity
39Australian Council for Computers in EducationComputing
40Australian Council for Computers in EducationGovernmental
41Australian Council for Computers in EducationRegional
42Accelerating Clinical Coordinator ExcellenceMedical
43Aspen Capital Cost EstimatorMiscellaneous
44American Council of Construction EducationCommunity
45American Council of Construction EducationGovernmental
46American Council of Construction EducationMiscellaneous
47Automotive Composites Conference and ExhibitionCommunity
48Authenticated And Confidential Channel EstablishmentMiscellaneous
49Association of Community and Continuing EducationCommunity
50Academy for College and Career ExplorationAcademic & Science
51Academy for College and Career ExplorationBusiness
52Access to Community College EducationAcademic & Science
53Access to Community College EducationCommunity
54Association of Community Continuing EducationCommunity
55Association of Chinese Canadian EntrepreneursRegional
56American Council of Construction EducaMiscellaneous
57Advisory Council of Classified EmployeesGovernmental
58Association of Corporate Counsel EuropeRegional
59American Center for Credit EducationCommunity
60Association of Chamber of Commerce ExecutivesCommunity
61Arts Culture and Civic EngagementGovernmental

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