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#ACCM DefinitionCategory
1Advisory Council for the Church's MinistryCommunity
2Advisory Council for the Church's MinistryGovernmental
3Advisory Council for the Church's MinistryBusiness
4Accreditation Commission of Colleges of MedicineMedical
5Accreditation Commission of Colleges of MedicineAcademic & Science
6Accreditation Commission of Colleges of MedicineMiscellaneous
7Academy of Classical Chinese MedicineAcademic & Science
8Academy of Classical Chinese MedicineMedical
9Anesthesiology and Critical Care MedicineMedical
10Asbestos containing construction materialsMiscellaneous
11Additive Ceramic Component ManufacturingMiscellaneous
12Alternative Compensatory Control MeasuresMiscellaneous
13Agency for CultureCommunity
14Asian Community Care ManagementCommunity
15Anesthesiology Critical Care MedicineMedical
16Adult Community Case ManagementCommunity
17AIDS Community Care MontrealCommunity
18Association of Coastal Conservation of MozambiqueCommunity
19Academy of Certified Case ManagersBusiness
20Advanced Contractor Cost Management, Inc. (consulting firm; Sandy, UT)Miscellaneous
21Advanced Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring (UK)Academic & Science
22Associate, Curwen College of MusicMiscellaneous
23Acoustic Counter-CountermeasuresGovernmental
24Asynchronous Communication Channel MultiplexerAcademic & Science
25Aircontrolman Chief MasterGovernmental
26Alternative Compensatory Control MeasuresGovernmental
27Advanced Cooperative Collection Management (DARPA)Governmental
28Arab Company for Computer Manufacturing (Egypt)Miscellaneous
29Alternative Consumer Credit MarketBusiness
30Asbestos Containing Construction MaterialAcademic & Science
31Anesthesiology & Critical Care MedicineAcademic & Science
32Annual Conference for Catalog & Multichannel MerchantsAcademic & Science
33AIDS Community Care Montreal (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)Miscellaneous
34American College of Critical Care MedicineAcademic & Science
35Aviation Chief Carpenter's Mate Governmental
36Air Traffic Controller Master Chief Petty Officer Governmental
37Air Controlman Master Chief Petty Officer Governmental
38Apostolic Christian Church MissionsCommunity
39AIDS Community Care Montreal??Miscellaneous
40Accreditation Commission on Colleges of MedicineAcademic & Science
41Association of Coastal Conservation of MozambiqueMiscellaneous
42Advisers of Christian Collegiate MediaCommunity
43Alternate Compensatory Control MeasuresMiscellaneous
44Academy of Certified Case ManagersAcademic & Science
45Asynchronous Control Character MapComputing

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