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#ACCR DefinitionCategory
1Access Power, Inc.Business
3Aluminum Conductor Composite-Reinforced (3M)Miscellaneous
4Association des Centres Culturels de RencontreMiscellaneous
5Association Canadienne pour la Conservation et la Restauration (Ottawa, ON, Canada)Miscellaneous
6American Chiropractic College of RadiologyAcademic & Science
7Automóvil Club de Costa Rica (Spanish: Automobile Club of Costa Rica)Miscellaneous
8Amsterdam Center for Career Research (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands)Miscellaneous
9Association of Christian Churches in RussiaMiscellaneous
10Association of California Cartridge RemanufacturersMiscellaneous
11Arkansas Central Cancer RegistryAcademic & Science
12Antarctic Confederation of City Republics (fictional country related to stamp collecting)Miscellaneous
13Airborne Cloud Characterization RadarCommunity
14Activated Carbon Catalytic ReductionAcademic & Science
15Assyrian Committee for Civic ResponsibilityMiscellaneous
16Autoregressive Constrained Categorical RegressionAcademic & Science
17Advanced Customer Care and Retention (Invensys Development Centre; Singapore)Miscellaneous
18American Chamber of Commerce Resources (Chicago, IL)Business
19Atlantic Center for Capital RepresentationMiscellaneous
20Aged Care Client RecordMiscellaneous
21Australasian Centre for Corporate ResponsibilityMiscellaneous
22Allegheny County Coalition for RecoveryRegional
23Advisory Committee for Conservation and RestorationCommunity
24Alabama Citizens for Constitutional ReformMiscellaneous
25Aluminum Conductor Composite ReinforcedMiscellaneous
26Advisory Council for Clinical ResearchAcademic & Science
27Accelerating Catholic Church ReformCommunity
28Aluminum Conductors Composite ReinforcedMiscellaneous
29Australian Consumer Credit ReportsRegional
30Automatic Customer Complaint ResolutionMiscellaneous
31American Chamber of Commerce ResourcesGovernmental

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