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#ACCW DefinitionCategory
1Americans Caring for Children WorldwideCommunity
2Archdiocesan Council of Catholic WomenCommunity
3Amity College Of Corporate WarfareCommunity
4Ascension Catholic Council of WomenCommunity
5Auxiliary Component Cooling WaterAcademic & Science
6Association of California Commission for WomenBusiness
7Advanced Child Care WorkerBusiness
8Albuquerque Council of Catholic WomenCommunity
9Antarctic Circumpolar Coastal WaveAcademic & Science
10Advocates for Covenant Clergy WomenBusiness
11Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women (St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN)Miscellaneous
12Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling (Rocky Point, NC)Miscellaneous
13Association of California Commissions for Women (est. 1997)Miscellaneous
14Algemene Computer Club Westerkwartier (Dutch: General Computer Club Westerkwartier; Westerkwartier, Netherlands)Community
15Auxiliary Component Cooling Water (nuclear energy)Academic & Science
16Antarctic Circumpolar Coastal Wave (oceanography)Academic & Science
17Air Condition Coach 3tireGovernmental
18Ascension Council of Catholic WomenGovernmental
19Ascension Council of Catholic WomenCommunity
20Assumption Council of Catholic WomenGovernmental
21Assumption Council of Catholic WomenCommunity
22Association of California Commissions for WomenCommunity
23Archdiocese Council of Catholic WomenGovernmental
24Archdiocese Council of Catholic WomenCommunity
25Atlantic Coast Championship WrestlingSports
26A Cup of Cold WaterMiscellaneous
27Alexander County Championship WrestlingSports
28Alexander County Championship WrestlingRegional
29Alouette Correctional Centre for WomenMiscellaneous

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