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#ACDA DefinitionCategory
1Arms Control and Disarmament AgencyBusiness
2United States Arms Control and Disarmament AgencyGovernmental
3Atlanta Cajun Dance AssociationCommunity
4American Choral Directors AssociationCommunity
5Angleton Cheer Dance AssociationCommunity
6American Country Dance AssociationCommunity
7American Commodity Distribution AssociationCommunity
8African Cultural and Development AssociationCommunity
9Advisory Committee on Distinction AwardsMedical
10ACL (Audit Command Language) Certified Data AnalystMiscellaneous
11American Celiac Disease AllianceAcademic & Science
12Azienda Cuneese Dell'Acqua (Italy)Miscellaneous
13Alveolar Capillary Dysplasia AssociationAcademic & Science
14Agoro Community Development AssociationMiscellaneous
15Air Conditioning Dealer Association (Australia)Miscellaneous
16African Cultural and Development Association (Guyana)Miscellaneous
17Automatic Call Disposition AnalyzerAcademic & Science
18Assured Clear Distance Ahead (driving offense)Governmental
19Asamblea Cristiana De AdoracionMiscellaneous
20Antiques and Collectibles Dealer Associations (Huntersville, NC)Academic & Science
21Association of Catholic Diocesan ArchivistsMiscellaneous
22Albany Community Development Agency (New York)Miscellaneous
23Appalachian Community Development AssociationAcademic & Science
24Ayual Community Development AssociationAcademic & Science
25Australian Canine Disc AssociationMiscellaneous
26Atlanta Cajun Dance Association (Atlanta, GA, USA)Miscellaneous
27Alliance of the California Dental AssociationAcademic & Science
28Alliance of Christian Development Agencies (Philippines)Miscellaneous
29Association of Certified Domain-AppraisersAcademic & Science
30Azalea Coast Dart Association (Wilmington, NC)Miscellaneous
31Antigonish Creative Dance Association (Nova Scotia, Scotland)Miscellaneous
32American Christian Defense AllianceMiscellaneous
33Acid Citrate Dextrose solution AAcademic & Science
34Aqua Camp Diving Academy (Jacksonville, FL)Miscellaneous
35Almaty City Development Agency (Republic of Kazakhstan)Academic & Science
36Alpine Club des Alpes (French automobile club)Miscellaneous
37ARGPAN Curtea de ArgesBusiness
38Aviation Combat Development AgencyGovernmental
39Association of Community Development Agencies (UK)Miscellaneous
40African Caribbean Disablement Association (London, England, UK)Miscellaneous
41Arms Control and Disarmament Act of 1961Governmental
42Arms Control and Disarmament AgencyGovernmental
43Accelerated Confidential Disclosure AgreementMiscellaneous
44American College Dance AssociationAcademic & Science
45Anchorage Community Development AuthorityCommunity
46Assured Clear Distance AheadMiscellaneous
47Association of Catholic Diocesan ArchivistsCommunity
48Arms Control Disarmament AgencyMiscellaneous
49Artificial Cervical Disc ArthroplastyMiscellaneous
50ACL Certified Data AnalystBusiness
51Arms Control Disarmament AgencyBusiness
52Activated carbon diaphragmatic absorptionMiscellaneous
53Albany Community Development AgencyCommunity
54Allegheny County District AttorneyRegional
55Allegheny County District AttorneyGovernmental

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