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#ACDS DefinitionCategory
1Advanced Combat Direction SystemGovernmental
2Active Control Data SetComputing
3Apprenticeship For Child Development SpecialistCommunity
4Active Clock Distribution SystemComputing
5Appeals Centralized Database SystemComputing
6Australian Centre for Diabetes StrategyMedical
7African Centre for Disaster StudiesAcademic & Science
8Apprenticeship for Child Development SpecialistsMedical
9American Contact Dermatitis SocietyCommunity
10Acetyl Coenzyme-A Decarboxylase SynthaseMedical
11Australian Council of Deans of ScienceAcademic & Science
12Association for Children with Down SyndromeMiscellaneous
13Arundel Community Development Services (Annapolis, MD)Miscellaneous
14African Centre for Disaster Studies (est. 2002; South Africa)Miscellaneous
15Alexandria Country Day School (Alexandria, VA)Miscellaneous
16Appeals Centralized Database System (US IRS)Governmental
17Active Control Data Set (IBM mainframes storage management)Academic & Science
18Association for Community Development Services (India)Miscellaneous
19Association pour la Création et la Diffusion Scientifique (French: Association for Scientific Creation and Dissemination)Academic & Science
20Adult ADHD Clinical Diagnostic ScaleAcademic & Science
21Albuquerque Country Day School (Albuquerque, New Mexico)Miscellaneous
22Arkansas Commodity Distribution SystemMiscellaneous
23Attitude Control Data SystemGovernmental
24Attitude Control & Determination SystemAcademic & Science
25Automated Cargo Document SystemGovernmental
26Alternate Control Data SetGovernmental
27Assistant Chief of the Defense StaffGovernmental
28Anterior Cervical DiskectomyAcademic & Science
29Advanced Combat Data SystemGovernmental
30Automobile Club des Deux-Sèvres (French: Automobile Club of Deux-Sevres; Deux-Sevres, France)Miscellaneous
31Advanced Command Data SystemGovernmental
32All Canadian Driving School (Langley, BC, Canada)Business
33Anti Christian Death Squad (band)Miscellaneous
34Alexandria Country Day SchoolCommunity
35Agricultural Community Development ServicesCommunity
36Arundel Community Development ServicesCommunity
37Automatic Call Distribution SystemMiscellaneous
38Automatic Call Distributor SystemMiscellaneous
39Aspen Country Day SchoolCommunity
40Aylett Country Day SchoolCommunity
41Association forCommunity
42Alameda County Dental SocietyMedical
43Alameda County Dental SocietyRegional
44Alameda County Dental SocietyAcademic & Science
45Academic and Career Development ServicesBusiness
46Academic and Career Development ServicesCommunity
47Academic and Career Development ServicesAcademic & Science
48Association of Child Development SpecialistsCommunity
49Athens County Dog ShelterRegional
50Athens County Dog ShelterMiscellaneous
51Advanced Current Detection SystemAcademic & Science
52Advanced Clinical Decision SupportMedical
53Automatic Cloud Data StackMiscellaneous
54Autonomous Control and Decision SystemsMiscellaneous
55Assistant Chief of the Defence StaffMiscellaneous
56Arlington Country Day SchoolCommunity
57Automatically Controlled Digital StationMiscellaneous

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