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#ACMC DefinitionCategory
1Arts Council of Mendocino CountyRegional
2Arts Council of Mendocino CountyGovernmental
3American Church Mortgage CompanyCommunity
4American Church Mortgage CompanyBusiness
5All Ceylon Makkal CongressMiscellaneous
6Advancing Churches in Missions CommitmentCommunity
7Advocate Christ Medical CenterMedical
8Accurate Corrosion Monitoring CompanyBusiness
9Advances in Computational Motor ControlComputing
10Arts Council of Mercer CountyGovernmental
11American Chocolate Mould CompanyBusiness
12Ashley County Medical CenterMedical
13Ashtabula County Medical CenterMedical
14Affiliated Community Medical CentersCommunity
15American Cured Meat ChampionshipsSports
16Advanced Communications Management SystemMiscellaneous
17Academy Cadets' Mess Committee (Canberra, Australia)Governmental
18Anaconda Copper Mining Company (Montana)Business
19Assembly Committee on Multicultural CurriculumMiscellaneous
20Astabula County Medical CenterAcademic & Science
21American Cruisers Motorcycle Club (various locations)Miscellaneous
22Asynchronous Computer-Mediated CommunicationAcademic & Science
23Average Current Mode ControlAcademic & Science
24Alamo City Men's ChoraleMiscellaneous
25Affiliated Community Medical CenterAcademic & Science
26Advanced Computational Modelling CentreAcademic & Science
27Advancing Churches in Missions CommitmentMiscellaneous
28American CollegeAcademic & Science
29American Cemetery/Mortuary ConsultantsMiscellaneous
30Accurate Corrosion Monitoring CompanyMiscellaneous
31American College for Medical CareersBusiness
32American Church Mortgage CoCommunity
33Austin Chamber Music CenterCommunity
34Advances inMiscellaneous
35Advances in Computational Motor ControlMiscellaneous
36Arizona Confederation of Motorcycle ClubsCommunity
37Arts Council of Mercer CountyMiscellaneous
38Advanced Composites Manufacturing CentreMiscellaneous
39Asian Congress for Media and CommunicationCommunity
40American Chocolate Mould CompanyMiscellaneous
41American Chocolate Mould CoMiscellaneous
42Assistant Commandant of the Marine CorpsMiscellaneous
43Ashley County Medical CenterMiscellaneous
44Advanced Cementitious Materials CompositesMiscellaneous
45Acceptance Capital Mortgage CorporationBusiness
46Ashtabula County Medical CenterMiscellaneous
47Affiliated Community Medical CentersMiscellaneous
48American Cruisers Motorcycle ClubMiscellaneous
49Arts Council of Moore CountyCommunity
50Australasian Computer Music ConferenceCommunity
51Association of Canadian Medical CollegesAcademic & Science
52Australian Cefact Management CommitteeBusiness
53Alameda County Medical CenterMedical
54American Cured Meat ChampionshipsCommunity
55Atlantic City Medical CenterMedical
56The Association of Cost Management ConsultantsCommunity
57Allentown Congregational Methodist ChurchCommunity

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