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#AFTS DefinitionCategory
1Autonomous Flight Termination SystemMiscellaneous
2Applied Fuzzy Technological SystemsMiscellaneous
3Autism From The StartMedical
4Automated Fraud Tracking SystemMiscellaneous
5Alan Foss Technical ServicesMiscellaneous
6Augmented Flight Termination SystemMiscellaneous
7Accenture Finance Transformation SolutionBusiness
8Automated Flight Termination SystemsMiscellaneous
9Automated Freight Transport SystemsGovernmental
10Advance Finance Together in SwitzerlandBusiness
11Audit Follow up Tracking SystemBusiness
12Alabama Firearms Training ServicesMiscellaneous
13Art From The StreetsMiscellaneous
14Administration and Finance Technology ServicesComputing
15Association of Francaise de Trottinette de SportCommunity
16Automated Funds Transfer SystemBusiness
17Alberta Fire Training SchoolCommunity
18Association Française de Tennis des SeniorsSports
19Active Fish Tracking SonarGovernmental
20Active Fish Tracking SonarSports
21Augmented Flight Termination SystemGovernmental
22Association pour la Formation Supérieure en Travail Social (Réunion)Miscellaneous
23Alan Foss Technical Services (UK)Business
24Automated Frequency Tone ShiftAcademic & Science
25Audit Follow-Up and Technical SupportGovernmental
26Afghanistan Force Tracking SystemGovernmental
27Advanced Flight Tracking SystemCommunity
28Automatic Funds Transfer Services (Seattle, WA)Business
29Administration and Finance Technology ServicesMiscellaneous
30Adventures From The ShedMiscellaneous
31Alternative Family Treatment ServicesMiscellaneous
32Association of Francaise de Trottinette de SportMiscellaneous
33Automated Funds Transfer SystemMiscellaneous
34Alberta Fire Training SchoolMiscellaneous
35Automated File Transfer ServiceMiscellaneous
36automated flexible transportation systemGovernmental
37Association Fran??aise de Tennis des SeniorsMiscellaneous
38Advanced Fusion and Tracking SystemMiscellaneous
39Australian Fairy Tale SocietyRegional
40AAA Foundation for Traffic SafetyCommunity
41Additional Full Time SupportGovernmental
42Active Fish Tracking SonarCommunity
43Airborne Flight Test SystemGovernmental
44Aviation From The SeaGovernmental
45Australian Flying Training SchoolGovernmental
46Automatic Funds Transfer ServicesBusiness
47American Forces Television ServicesCommunity
48Audio Frequency Tone ShiftGovernmental

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