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#APG DefinitionCategory
1Army Program GuidanceGovernmental
2Aberdeen Proving GroundsGovernmental
3Asamblea Popular GallegaInternational
4Ambulatory Patient GroupMedical
6Alyall Piru GangstasGovernmental
7Atmospheric Pressure GlowAcademic & Science
8Apples, Pears, and GrapesMiscellaneous
9Anti-Piracy GroupCommunity
10Automated Password GeneratorComputing
11Advanced Program GuideCommunity
12Asociación Pediatrica de GuatemalaInternational
13Asociación de Periodistas de GuatemalaInternational
14AimPoint GraphicGovernmental
15Airframe, Powerpalnt, GeneralGovernmental
16Airsprung GroupBusiness
17Association of Professional GenealogistsAcademic & Science
18Austpac Gold Resources NLBusiness
19Aberdeen Proving GroundMiscellaneous
20Android Privacy GuardMiscellaneous
21Angiosperm Phylogeny GroupMiscellaneous
22Assists Per GameMiscellaneous
23Asia / Pacific GroupMiscellaneous
24American Packing and GasketMiscellaneous
25Atlanta Photography GroupMiscellaneous
26Aircraft Performance GroupMiscellaneous
27Ambulatory Patient GroupsMiscellaneous
28Active Page GeneratorMiscellaneous
29Anatomical Physical GymnasticsMiscellaneous
30Automatic Password GeneratorMiscellaneous
31Artist Publishing GroupMiscellaneous
32All Purpose GreenMiscellaneous
33Asia/Pacific GroupMiscellaneous
34Automation Products GroupMiscellaneous
35assist per gameMiscellaneous
36Advanced Programming GuideMiscellaneous
37Association of Geography ProfessorsAcademic & Science
38Associao de Professores de GeografiaAcademic & Science
39Stowarzyszenie Geomorfologw PolskichAcademic & Science
40Association of Polish GeomorphologistsAcademic & Science
41Armstrong Process GroupMiscellaneous
42Asia Pacific GroupMiscellaneous
43Automotive Products GroupMiscellaneous
44Alto Personal GatewayMiscellaneous
45Assists Per Game (basketball)Miscellaneous
46Assists Per Game (hockey statistic)Miscellaneous
47Asia Pacific Group on Money LaunderingMiscellaneous
48Account Planning GroupMiscellaneous
49Asociación de Periodistas de Guatemala (Journalists' Association of Guatemala)Miscellaneous
50Allocation pour Perte de GainAcademic & Science
51Advanced Products Group (various locations)Business
52Air PlethysmographyAcademic & Science
53Aircraft General (USAF)Governmental
54All Purpose Green (Realtree Camoflague pattern)Business
55Alkyl PolyglycosideAcademic & Science
56Anti Pirat Gruppen (Anti Piracy Group, Denmark)Miscellaneous
57Annual Performance GoalAcademic & Science
58Advanced Power GenerationAcademic & Science
59American Pharmaceutical GroupAcademic & Science
60Advanced Pay GradeGovernmental
61Advance Payment GuaranteeBusiness
62Aircraft Performance Group (Castle Rock, CO)Business
63Aviation Program Group (Japan Aerospace Exploration)Miscellaneous
64Adaptive Process GuidanceBusiness
65Asamblea del Pueblo Guaraní de Bolivia (Spanish: Guarani People's Assembly of Bolivia)Miscellaneous
66AP Giannini (school)Miscellaneous
67Association for the Preservation of GamefowlMiscellaneous
68Automatic Priority GroupMiscellaneous
69Airframe, Powerplant General (USAF)Miscellaneous
70Advanced Planning GroupMiscellaneous
71P-Azidophenyl Glyoxal (chemistry)Academic & Science
72Army Planning GuidanceGovernmental
73Association of Professional GardenersMiscellaneous
74Appareils à Pression de Gaz (French: Gas Pressure Apparatus)Academic & Science
75Adjunct Processor Group (mobile switching technology by Ericsson AB)Academic & Science
76Army Planning GroupAcademic & Science
77Acquisition Planning GuideGovernmental
78Antenna Pedestal GroupGovernmental
79Annual Planning GuidanceGovernmental
80Association Philatélique Gergolienne (French philatelic society)Miscellaneous
81Armor Piercing GrenadeMiscellaneous
82aimpoint graphic (US DoD)Governmental
83Administration Planning Group (UK)Governmental
84Austin Pizza Garden (Texas)Business
85Asociación Pediatrica de Guatemala (Pediatric Association of Guatemala)Academic & Science
86Absorption Phase GratingAcademic & Science
87Automated Parking Garage (Volkswagen)Miscellaneous
88Antisymmetrized Product of GeminalsAcademic & Science
89Application Product GenerationGovernmental
90Armament Product GroupGovernmental
91Author's Price Guide (books)Business
92Audio Products Group Pty. Ltd. (Australia and New Zealand)Business
93Anglo Pacific Group (London, UK)Business
94Assists Per GameSports
95Anatomical Physical GymnasticsSports
96Advanced Programming GuideComputing
97Associação de Professores de GeografiaAcademic & Science
98Stowarzyszenie Geomorfologów PolskichAcademic & Science
99Adjunct Processor GroupMiscellaneous
100Advance Payment GuaranteeMiscellaneous
101Algorithm Processing GranularityMiscellaneous
102a Pure GangsterMiscellaneous
103Advanced Protein GrowthMiscellaneous
104Ash Pattern GeneratorMiscellaneous
105Analyte Physicians GroupMiscellaneous
106Artist Publishing GroupCommunity
107Alpha Precision GroupMiscellaneous
108Acumen Performance GroupMiscellaneous
109Audit Program GeneratorBusiness
110Alch Plays GamesMiscellaneous
111Ark Paddington GreenMiscellaneous
112Analyte Physicians GroupMedical

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