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#ARCP DefinitionCategory
1Artist Royalty And Copyright PaymentMiscellaneous
2Automatic Router Configuration ProtocolMiscellaneous
3Alternative Retirement Cancellation PaymentMiscellaneous
4Amsalzheimers Research Clinical ProgramsAcademic & Science
5Alzheimers Research Clinical ProgramsAcademic & Science
6Algoma Regional Cancer ProgramMedical
7Agrarian Reform Communities ProjectMiscellaneous
8Alzheimers Respite Care ProgramMiscellaneous
9Alcohol Related Chronic PancreatitisMiscellaneous
10Antigua Racer Conservation ProjectMiscellaneous
11Antiguan Racer Conservation ProjectMiscellaneous
12Association Of Residential Cleaning ProfessionalsBusiness
13American Residential Cleaning ProfessionsMiscellaneous
14Air Refuelling Control PointMiscellaneous
15Audit Resolution And Cost PolicyMiscellaneous
16Arizona Rules Of Civil ProcedureMiscellaneous
17Air Refueling Control PointMiscellaneous
18Auxiliary Resonant Commutated PoleMiscellaneous
19Annual Review of Competence ProgressionMedical
20Auxiliary Resonant Commutated Pole (electrical converter)Academic & Science
21Association of Residential Cleaning Professionals (now Association of Residential Cleaning Services International)Academic & Science
22Annual Review of Criminal Procedure (Georgetown University Law Center, Washington, DC)Miscellaneous
23Active Ribbon Control & Positioning System (printers)Miscellaneous
24Algemeen Reglement voor de Certificatie van Producten (Dutch: General Regulations for Certification of Products; Belgium)Academic & Science
25Artist Royalty and Copyright PaymentCommunity
26Alzheimers Research Clinical ProgramMedical
27Agrarian Reform Communities ProjectCommunity
28American Residential Cleaning ProfessionsCommunity
29Audit Resolution And Cost PolicyBusiness
30Arizona Rules of Civil ProcedureGovernmental
31American Realty Capital PropertiesMiscellaneous
32Active Ribon Control PositioningMiscellaneous
33Annual Review of Competency ProgressionMiscellaneous
34Adult Residential Care ProviderCommunity
35Annual Review of Criminal ProcedureGovernmental

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