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#AWS DefinitionCategory
1Advanced Wet StationAcademic & Science
2Advanced Warning SystemGovernmental
3Air Weather ServiceGovernmental
4Analyst WorkstationGovernmental
5Air Warfare SectionGovernmental
6Alba Waldensian, Inc.Business
8Ada Web ServerMiscellaneous
9Advanced Widget SetMiscellaneous
10Alternate World SystemMiscellaneous
11Automated Weather ServiceAcademic & Science
12Automatic Warning SystemMiscellaneous
13Amiga Withdrawal SyndromeMiscellaneous
14Adaptative Window SwitchingComputing
15Automated Warning SystemGovernmental
16Akcja Wyborcza SolidarnoscMiscellaneous
17Amplify Weak SectorMiscellaneous
18Auditor's Work StationMiscellaneous
19American Warmblood SocietyMedical
20Auditors Work StationMiscellaneous
21All Weather ShoeMiscellaneous
22Alternative Widget SetMiscellaneous
23Arens Wrong SupportersMiscellaneous
24Angry Wall SexMiscellaneous
25Arnold Welding SupplyMiscellaneous
26Alternative Wrestling ShopMiscellaneous
27Att Wireless ServiceMiscellaneous
28All Wheel SteeringGovernmental
29American Welding SocietyBusiness
30Analyzing Writing StrategiesAcademic & Science
31Amazon Web ServicesComputing
32Advanced Wireless ServicesComputing
33Attack Weapon SystemGovernmental
34Annual Wage SupplementBusiness
35Alternative Work ScheduleBusiness
36Alternate Work ScheduleGovernmental
37Alternative Water SupplyGovernmental
38As We SpeakInternet
39American Watercolor SocietyMiscellaneous
40Automatic Weather StationMiscellaneous
41American Wine SocietyMiscellaneous
42Awkwardly Weak SecurityMiscellaneous
43Auto Write SpeedMiscellaneous
44all women stalkMiscellaneous
46Advanced Wireless ServiceMiscellaneous
47Amazon Web ServiceMiscellaneous
48Advanced Wireless Services…Miscellaneous
49Alien Workshop (skateboard company)Business
50Austria Wirtschaftsservice GmbHBusiness
51Ascom Wireless Solutions (various locations)Miscellaneous
52Alternative Water Supply (various locations)Governmental
53Alarm Will Sound (band)Miscellaneous
54Adaptive Wireless System (computing)Community
55All-Weather Speaker (audio equipment)Business
56Average Weekly SalesBusiness
57Annapolis Wind SymphonyMiscellaneous
58Agent's WorkstationMiscellaneous
59Anti-Androgen Withdrawal SyndromeAcademic & Science
60Ariise Web Search (Paris, France)Miscellaneous
61Avenger Weapons SystemGovernmental
62Automated Warehousing SystemMiscellaneous
63Absolute Weight Strength (explosives)Academic & Science
64American Walnut Satin (piano manufacturing)Miscellaneous
65Against Wet SawdustMiscellaneous
66Abstract Wiener SpaceAcademic & Science
67Amphibious Warfare School/StrategyAcademic & Science
68Atlantic Wholesalers Ltd.Business
69Access Window SlotCommunity
70Authenticated Web ServerAcademic & Science
71Adaptive Weighting StrategyAcademic & Science
72AOL Weather Service (Aim Weatherbug)Academic & Science
73Agency Work StationAcademic & Science
74Anello Web ServicesMiscellaneous
75Airlock WorkstationMiscellaneous
76Alabama Writers SymposiumMiscellaneous
77Absorb While Scan (radar absorbers)Academic & Science
78Anti-Armor Weapon SystemGovernmental
79Association of Women in ScienceMiscellaneous
80Aircraft Weapon SystemGovernmental
81Airport Water Shuttle (Boston, Massachusetts)Academic & Science
82Asian Women and SportMiscellaneous
83Advanced Water Systems, IncBusiness
84Automated Warehouse SystemMiscellaneous
85American Weather ServiceMiscellaneous
86Amos W. Steinhacker (comic character; Netherlands)Miscellaneous
87Advanced Wideband SatelliteMiscellaneous
88Arbitrary Waveform SynthesizerAcademic & Science
89Avenue-Web Systèmes (French: Avenue-Web Systems; est. 1999)Miscellaneous
90Agency Walker Services (France)Business
91Auto Windscreens ShieldMiscellaneous
92Atlanta Wind Symphony (Atlanta, GA)Miscellaneous
93ADSL Workstation (Hekimian)Academic & Science
94Air Warning ServiceGovernmental
95American Welding StandardsAcademic & Science
96Amplify Weak Sectors (CloneCD feature)Academic & Science
97Area Weapon System (gun-cannon on attack helicopter)Governmental
98Automated Weather Source, Inc. (weather forecast provider)Miscellaneous
99Administration WorkstationAcademic & Science
100Alagille-Watson SyndromeAcademic & Science
101Abfallwirtschaftssystem (software)Miscellaneous
102Abrupt Wing StallCommunity
103Abyss Web ServerAcademic & Science
104Advanced Wideband SystemMiscellaneous
105Aircraft Warning ServiceGovernmental
106Alternative Workplace StrategiesMiscellaneous
107Apple Workgroup ServerAcademic & Science
108Akcja Wyborcza Solidarnosc (Election Action Solidarity, political party in Poland)Miscellaneous
109Asian Women's Shelter (San Francisco, CA)Miscellaneous
110Annual Wage Supplement (employee compensation)Business
111AEGIS Weapon SystemGovernmental
112A Wilhelm Scream (band)Miscellaneous
113Archimedes Wave SwingAcademic & Science
114Alcohol Withdrawal SyndromeAcademic & Science
115AT&T Wireless ServicesAcademic & Science
116Alliance for Water StewardshipGovernmental
117Automated Weather SourceMiscellaneous
118As We SingMiscellaneous
119Ants With SlippersMiscellaneous
120Auditor's Work StationBusiness
121Amiga Withdrawal SyndromeMedical
122Air Weather ServiceAcademic & Science
123Axillary Web SyndromeMedical
124Advanced Wireless Services&Miscellaneous
125American Wine SocietyAcademic & Science
126American Watercolor SocietyAcademic & Science
127American Welding SocietyMiscellaneous
128Alternative Wrestling ShopSports
129Auditors Work StationBusiness

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