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#BDE DefinitionCategory
2Brilliant Digital Entertainment, Inc.Business
3Block Diagram EditorAcademic & Science
4Brilliant Digital EntertainmentMiscellaneous
5Borland Database EngineComputing
6Bloated Database ErrorComputing
7Bond Dissociation EnergyGovernmental
8British Destroyer EscortMiscellaneous
9Bureau Des ElevesCommunity
10Business Development ExecutiveBusiness
11Brian David EoffMiscellaneous
12Beth Dickstein EnterprisesMiscellaneous
13Banco de Espa??aMiscellaneous
14brominated diphenyl etherMiscellaneous
15Bureau des El??vesMiscellaneous
16best day everMiscellaneous
17Bijna Dood ErvaringMiscellaneous
18Basic Daylight ExposureMiscellaneous
19Banco de España (Spanish Central Bank)Business
20Bureau des Eleves (French university student association)Miscellaneous
21brominated diphenyl ethersAcademic & Science
22Brilliant Digital Entertainment (Sherman Oaks, CA)Miscellaneous
23Bund der EnergieverbraucherMiscellaneous
24Business Development EngineerBusiness
25Below Deck Equipment (watercraft equipment)Miscellaneous
26Betriebs Daten Erfassung (German: Shop Floor Data Collection)Miscellaneous
27basic daylight exposure (photography)Academic & Science
28Bette Davis Eyes (Kim Carnes song)Miscellaneous
29Basic Developmental EducationGovernmental
30Business Development EnvironmentBusiness
31Bus Driver ErrorAcademic & Science
32Baseline Development EnvironmentMiscellaneous
33Basic Design EngineeringAcademic & Science
34Business Data EntityBusiness
35Beyond Demonstrable EffectAcademic & Science
36Baruch Dayan ha'Emet (Hebrew: Blessed Is the True Judge; Jewish bereavement blessing)Miscellaneous
37Best Dad EverMiscellaneous
38Bulletin Départemental des Ecoles (French: County Schools Bulletin)Miscellaneous
39Best Daughter EverMiscellaneous
40BitLocker Drive Encryption (Microsoft)Miscellaneous
41Bulk Data Encryption (computing)Miscellaneous
42Bureau of Design and EnvironmentGovernmental
43Basic Development EnvironmentCommunity
44Biomedical device engineeringAcademic & Science
45Big Data EuropeRegional
46BitLocker Drive EncryptionComputing
47Banco de EspañaMiscellaneous
48Brunson Dargan ElementaryMiscellaneous
49Brian D EvansMiscellaneous
50Baruch Dayan EmesMiscellaneous
51Back difference elevationMiscellaneous
52Beneficiary Dental ExceptionMedical
53Beginner Driver EducationCommunity
54Big Deku EnergyGovernmental
55Big Dick EnergyInternet

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