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#BOH DefinitionCategory
1Bro Over HoesInternet
2Band of HorsesCommunity
3Bachelor of Oral HealthMedical
4Bay Osteopathic HospitalMedical
5Rick Boh - Canadian ice hockey playerSports
6Best of HealthMedical
7Board of HealthCommunity
8Back Of the HouseCommunity
9Breath of HeavenCommunity
10Ball of Hell (gaming clan)Governmental
11Bank of Hyderabad (India)Business
12Bay Osteopathic Hospital (Bay City, Michigan)Academic & Science
13Bad Obstetrics HistoryAcademic & Science
14B-hydroxyethyl hydrazine (forced fruiting of pineapples)Academic & Science
15Bros Over HoesMiscellaneous
16Before Office HoursMiscellaneous
17Bad on HandBusiness
18Baseline OverhaulGovernmental
19Break-Off HeightAcademic & Science
20Beginning On Hand (inventory)Business
21Bat Outta HellMiscellaneous
22bottom of hill (US DoD)Governmental
23Barons of Hell (gaming clan)Governmental
24Best of Highlands (Best of Highlands)Business
25Boots of Haste (Tibia game)Miscellaneous
26Board of Housing (Montana Dept of Commerce)Academic & Science
27Bag of HoldingMiscellaneous
28Bachelor of Oral Health (Australia and New Zealand)Academic & Science
29Balance on HandMiscellaneous
30Badge of HonorGovernmental
31Bridge Of HopeMiscellaneous
32Because of Him (est. 2009)Miscellaneous
33Band of Heathens (band)Miscellaneous
34Band of Horses (band)Miscellaneous
35Bournemouth (UK) Airport IdentifierMiscellaneous
36Because of HopeMiscellaneous
37Rick Boh - Canadian ice hockey playerCommunity
38The IATA airport code of Bournemouth AirportRegional
39Band of HorsesMiscellaneous
40Back Of HouseMiscellaneous
41Best Of the HighlandsMiscellaneous
43Binnenlandse Ontwikkelings HulpMiscellaneous
44Bachelor of Oral HealthAcademic & Science
45Board of HealthGovernmental
46Bottom Of HillGovernmental
47Back Of the HouseAcademic & Science
48Bank of HawaiiBusiness
49Bad Obstetric HistoryMedical
50Bottle Of HopeMiscellaneous
51Best Of HighlandsMiscellaneous
52Blood Of HeroesMiscellaneous
53Best Of HighlandMiscellaneous
54Bay Osteopathic HospitalBusiness
55Pacific Century Financial CorporationBusiness
56Bournemouth, England, UKRegional

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