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#BTI DefinitionCategory
1Ballast Tools IncBusiness
2Bayview Tutorial InstituteGovernmental
3Borders Trade and ImmigrationGovernmental
4Brain Trauma IndicatorMiscellaneous
5Build Time InstructionsMiscellaneous
6Bash Twitter IdiocyInternet
7Berkeley Therapy InstituteMedical
8Berkeley Therapy InstituteGovernmental
9Body Therapy InstituteGovernmental
10Best Trailer IncBusiness
11Binding Tariff InformationRegional
12Bacillus Thurigiensis IsraeliensisAcademic & Science
13Berks Technical Institute (Wyomissing, PA)Miscellaneous
14Baker Tilly International (accounting firm; various locations)Business
15Baliwag Transit Inc (bus company, Philippines)Business
16Benefit Technologies International, Inc.Business
17Bouygues Télécom Initiatives (French telecommunications company)Miscellaneous
18Bear Trust InternationalMiscellaneous
19Bluetooth Testing and Interoperability Working GroupCommunity
20British Travel InternationalBusiness
21Broadband Terminal InterfaceAcademic & Science
22BioTimber InventoryAcademic & Science
23Bayview Tutorial InstituteMiscellaneous
24Bulletin Trimestriel d'Information (French: Quarterly Information Bulletin)Academic & Science
25Bretagne Thermographie Infrarouge (French: Brittany Infrared Thermography; Brittany, France)Miscellaneous
26Bay Technologies Inc.Miscellaneous
27Bible Training Institute (Lansing, MI)Miscellaneous
28Boulder Technology Incubator (Colorado)Academic & Science
29Battery Technologies Inc.Business
30Bahrain Training Institute (Isa Town, Bahrain)Miscellaneous
31Breaker Technology, Inc.Business
32BioTechnology InstituteAcademic & Science
33British American Tobacco (stock symbol)Business
34Bhineka Tunggal IkaMiscellaneous
35Beverage Testing InstituteGovernmental
36Bad Tube IndicatorMiscellaneous
37Berks Technical InstituteGovernmental
38Battery Technology IncComputing
39Breaker Technology IncComputing
40Bicycle Technologies InternationalMiscellaneous
41Boyce Thompson InstituteGovernmental
42Bucklin Tractor and ImplementMiscellaneous
43Bacillus thuringiensis israelensisMiscellaneous
44Boston Theological InstituteAcademic & Science
45Barisan Tani IndonesiaInternational
46Business Travel InternationalBusiness
47Binding Tariff InformationGovernmental
48Brokerage Trust And InvestBusiness
49Brad Thompson IndustriesBusiness
50Big Taco InhalerMiscellaneous
51Business Tax And ImmigrationBusiness
52British American Tobacco, P. L. C.Business
53Barter Island, Alaska USARegional
54Balanced Technology InitiativeGovernmental
55Bicycle Technologies InternationalSports
56Binding Tariff InformationBusiness
57Board of Trade and IndustryAcademic & Science
58Bubble Technology IncMiscellaneous
59Business Technology InnovationBusiness
60Bureau d'Etudes Immobilier (French: Office of Real Estate Studies)Academic & Science
61Borneo Tourism InstituteAcademic & Science
62Business Technologies, IncBusiness
63Bible Teachers InternationalMiscellaneous
64Bulk Testing International (France)Business
65Big Ticket ItemMiscellaneous
66Business Technology InfrastructureMiscellaneous
67Behavioral Training InstituteAcademic & Science
68Buffer Time IndexAcademic & Science
69BethelTronix, Inc.Business
70B'not Torah InstituteMiscellaneous
71BACtalk Integrator (Alertron)Miscellaneous
72Behavior Therapy InstituteAcademic & Science
73Biysk Technological Institute (Russia)Academic & Science
74Bring Them InMiscellaneous
75Broadband Trial IntegrationAcademic & Science
76Biomedical Technologies, Inc.Miscellaneous
77Biomagnetic Technologies Inc.Miscellaneous
78Business & Technology InstituteAcademic & Science
79Barbados Tourism InvestmentAcademic & Science

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