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#BTTP DefinitionCategory
1Building Trades Training ProgramMiscellaneous
2Block Type Thermal PowerMiscellaneous
3Biomedical Technician Training ProgramMedical
4Better Think Tank ProjectMiscellaneous
5Bridging Tourism Theory and PracticeMiscellaneous
6Back to the PlanetMiscellaneous
7Banished to the PenMiscellaneous
8Bilingual Teacher Training ProgramsMiscellaneous
9Back To The PastInternet
10Back To The PointInternet
11Block-Type Thermal Power stationComputing
12Boston Terrier Tea PartyCommunity
13Back To The PresentInternet
14Bamboo Test Threshold Plug-inComputing
15Bilingual Teacher Training ProgramCommunity
16Biomedical Technician Training ProgramMiscellaneous
17Bridging Tourism Theory and PracticeCommunity
18Bark to the ParkCommunity
19Bringing Theory to PracticeMiscellaneous
20Bilingual Teacher Training ProgramsCommunity
21Boston Terrier Tea Party (dog club; Massachusetts)Miscellaneous
22Back to the Planet (band)Miscellaneous
23Bilingual Teacher Training Program (California)Academic & Science
24Bilingual Teacher Training ProjectCommunity

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