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#BTW DefinitionCategory
1Black Theatre Workshop (Canada)Miscellaneous
2Bridge the WorldMiscellaneous
3Beyond the WallMiscellaneous
4Big Time Wrestling (various locations)Miscellaneous
5Business Travel World (trade magazine; UK)Business
6Bridging the Watershed (educational outreach program)Miscellaneous
7Books That WorkBusiness
8Below the WaterAcademic & Science
9BioTech WorldAcademic & Science
10Boat WaveMiscellaneous
11Between The WordsMiscellaneous
12Breast Test Wales (Welsh breast cancer screening program)Academic & Science
13Balls to the WallMiscellaneous
14Belasting op Toegevoegde Waarde (Dutch: Tax On Added Value)Business
15Bearing to WaypointMiscellaneous
16Beyond These WallsMiscellaneous
17Better Than Wolves (gaming)Miscellaneous
18Bite the WaffleMiscellaneous
19Border Terrier Welfare (UK registered charity)Miscellaneous
20Burlington Trailways Charters and ToursBusiness
21Beyond Tears Worldwide (Christian humanitarian and development organization)Miscellaneous
22Barbarian: Total War (game mod)Miscellaneous
23Buried Transuranic WasteAcademic & Science
24Band-To-WavelengthAcademic & Science
25Blood Thirsty Warriors (gaming clan)Miscellaneous
26Breaching the WebMiscellaneous
27Bike This WayMiscellaneous
28British Traditional WitchcraftMiscellaneous
29Business and Technical WritingMiscellaneous
30Butuanon (SIL code, Philippines)Miscellaneous
31Brothers of the Third Wheel (trikers organization)Miscellaneous
32Belasting Toegevoegde Waarde (Dutch: value added tax)Business
33Bundesverband der Deutschen TourismuswirtschaftAcademic & Science
34Bring the Wheelchair (text slang)Miscellaneous
35Between the WarsMiscellaneous
36Back to Wall (toilet style)Business
37Be That Way (less common)Miscellaneous
38Back To Work (shorthand used in email)Miscellaneous
39By the Way (Red Hot Chili Peppers album)Miscellaneous
40Big Time WomenMiscellaneous
41Burger Taco WhiskeyMiscellaneous
42Blue Tape WarriorsMiscellaneous
43Burgers Tacos WhiskeyMiscellaneous
44Bermondsey Tonic WaterMiscellaneous
45But then wait.Internet
46Before the WarMiscellaneous
47Burn the WitchMiscellaneous
48Bring The WineCommunity
49Bridging the WatershedCommunity
50Boltzmann Time WarpingComputing
51Booker T WashingtonMiscellaneous
52Border Terrier WelfareMiscellaneous
53Black To WhiteMedical
54Burgundy Tunic WednesdayMiscellaneous
56Born This WayCommunity
57Balanoidal Tabati??res of WadmalMiscellaneous
58Born To WinInternet
59Better Talk WeegeeInternet
60Better Talk WhaleInternet
61Better Talk WillyInternet
62Biological and Toxic WeaponGovernmental
63Better Than WolvesComputing
64Big Time WrestlingCommunity
65British Tourism WeekMiscellaneous
66Be That WayInternet
67Board Test WorkshopCommunity
68British Telecom WholesaleBusiness
69Below The WaistCommunity
70Breast Test WalesMedical
71Booker T. WashingtonCommunity
72Burn The WitchesCommunity
73Brothers of the Third WheelMiscellaneous
74Bekannte TeilWahrheitInternational
75Bin Total WechInternational
76Behind The WheelGovernmental
77By The WayComputing
78But That's WildInternet
79Bad To WatchCommunity
80Bye Till WednesdayInternet
81Block Transfer WriteComputing
82But The WeinerMiscellaneous
83British Traditional WiccaMiscellaneous
84Belasting Toegevoegde WaardeInternational
85Back To WorkBusiness
86Business and Technical WritingBusiness
87By The WayInternet
88by the wayCommunity
89Broadway Teachers WorkshopCommunity
90Better Than WolvesMiscellaneous
91Bed Time WarningMiscellaneous
92Born To WarMiscellaneous
93Behind The WheelAcademic & Science
94Balanoidal Tabatières of WadmalMiscellaneous
95Bring The WineMiscellaneous
96Build The WorldGovernmental
97British Traditional WiccaCommunity
99Below The WaistSports
100Blockchain Technology WorldComputing
101Booty To WinInternet
102Burgers Tacos And WingsMiscellaneous
103Back To WorkGovernmental
104Big Time WrestlingSports
105Bring The WorldCommunity
106Biological and Toxin WeaponAcademic & Science
107Business Technology and WebBusiness
108Bit The WaffleMiscellaneous
109Biological and Toxin WeaponGovernmental
110Buddhist Translators WorkbenchCommunity
111Business Technology and WebComputing
112Bring The WheelchairMiscellaneous
113Bully Target and WitnessMiscellaneous
114Brats The WurstMiscellaneous

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