Abbreviation Definition
10KThe annual report that publicly held company files with the SEC to provide a comprehensive analysis
10QForm 10-Q is a truncated version of Form 10-K that publlicly held companies file quarterly with the
144Form 144 - the form publicly traded companies must file when corporate insiders want to sell company
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8KForm 8-K - publicly traded companies file their 8-K with the SEC to report major developments that
A&ARAccounting and Auditing Releases
A/CAccount Current
A/PAccounts Payable
A/RAccounts Receivable
AAActive Page
AAAAccumulated Adjustments Account
AAAAmerican Accounting Association
AAAAssociation of Accounting Administrators
AAAAuthentication Authorization Accounting
AAAAuthentication Authorization and Accounting
AAAAuthentication, Authorization, and Accounting
AAAAAsian Academic Accounting Association
AAABAccounting Alumni Advisory Board
AAABAuthentication, Authorization and Accounting Broker

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