Abbreviation Definition
AAACAffirmative Action Advisory Committee
AABAssociates Advisory Board
ABABAdministrative Burdens Advisory Board
ABABAdministrative Burden Advisory Board
ABABAustralasian BIM Advisory Board
ABACAmerican Bioethics Advisory Commission
ABCABAmgen Bioprocessing Center Advisory Board
ABDMAdvisory Board On Disarmament Matters
ABSOAdvisory Board for Student Organizations
ABSTIAdvisory Board of Scientific and Technological Information
ABVTAdvisory Body Vocational Training
ACAGAtlantic Coast Advisory Group
ACANAdvisory Committee on Antarctic Names
ACASAdvisory Counselling and Arbitration Service
ACASAdvisory Conciliation and Arbitration Service
ACAWSAdvisory Caution and Warning System
ACBAdvisory Committee on Biologicals
ACCAAdvisory Committee on Colleague Assistance
ACCDAdvisory Committee on Communicable Diseases
ACCMAdvisory Council for the Church's Ministry